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Forest Whole Foods

Forest Whole Foods sells organic and affordable whole foods.

This UK-based family business is on a mission to make healthy food accessible so that more people are eating “real food” and cooking meals from scratch.

All Forest Whole Foods’ products are sourced from local suppliers who share a passion for organic food standards. Products such as organic pumpkin seeds, unblanched almonds, and sunflower seeds are packed “with codes that can be traced right back to the farm they were grown on.”

“We provide a service to people who want to feed themselves and their families with honest, healthy foods that don’t cost the earth.”

“All our foods are packaged freshly and hygienically,” they assure us. The team aims to keep costs low and quality high to provide a service to folks who’d like to feed themselves with “honest, healthy foods that don’t cost the earth.”

“We reduce packing materials and delivery distances where possible, and also donate a share of our profits to the World Food Programme.”

Forest Whole Foods started as one bag of organic hemp seeds and a simple mission. Its founders had had enough of “spending lots of money on fancy packaging and expensive branding,” and so they slowly began building their stock and product range.

Today, they offer a variety of superfoods, dried fruits, beans and pulses, grains, seeds, nuts, and more. They’ve even branched out into natural hair and body products.

Customers will be glad to learn that Forest Whole Foods are Soil Association certified and comply with EU organic legislation. They proudly boast a five-star food hygiene certificate from the FSA and work closely with trading standards, “so you know exactly what you are getting when you shop with us.”

“The theme is a custom design with clean layouts and optimized checkout process.”

Their delightful, inspiring site was created by Dublin WooExperts “The theme is a custom design with clean layouts and optimized checkout process,” says founder Shadi Manna.