Take your store’s checkout to the next level

Ready to turn one-time shoppers into life-long customers? WooPay offers a secure single-click checkout experience your customers will love. Accelerate purchases, reduce cart abandonment, and turn one-time customers into repeat buyers.

Increase sales and conversion

Watch your sales grow as fewer carts get abandoned. Your customers want to buy from you – enable WooPay and give them more chances to do just that with one-click buy buttons on your checkout, cart, and product detail pages.

Turn casual shoppers into loyal customers

Saved payment methods and address data convert one-time purchases into repeat sales. Shoppers who have signed up for WooPay on any other site will instantly be able to load their information on your store – even if it’s their first visit.

Offer secure, simple buying

Details are saved over a secure SSL connection and fully encrypted, so your customers’ data is secure.

Enable WooPay in seconds

You can turn on WooPay with a single click in your WooPayments settings. Check out our documentation for more on getting started with WooPay.

Have questions? Please reach out to our Support team — they’re happy to help you get started.