Klarna now available within WooPayments_Q42023

Added by Shubert Koong (Woo marketing) to support the launch of Klarna within WooPayments


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Volume is a curated publishing platform enabling the creation of high-quality illustrated books on visual culture.

Their aim is to redefine the role of the publisher (as well as the relationship between creator and reader) by producing beautiful printed books for dedicated audiences.

Volume host time-limited campaigns to fund and produce these printed editions from the world’s leading artists, designers, and as-yet-undiscovered talents.

By browsing current funding projects, you are able to select a book, as well as the specific edition you would like from that book’s Rewards menu. Your pledge then counts towards the funding goal required to produce the book.

If Volume’s funding goal is met within the specified timeframe, publication of the title will go ahead and you will receive your chosen edition by the indicated delivery date. Should the goal not be met within the allotted time period, however, your pledge will then be refunded.

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