Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers


ShadowTrader are Pennsylvania-based stock trading and market evaluation experts who have been providing actionable guidance for traders since 2006.

Their traders trade and live in a world of transparency and reality. Whether it’s stocks, futures, forex, options, pairs trading, or trading psychology, their team of dedicated professionals are here to help you.

ShadowTrader came to FirstTracks Marketing looking for a way to overhaul their previous website theme. Site deliverability had become painfully slow, having a continuously negative effect on their site usage and engagement stats.

“We rebuilt their theme framework from scratch, resulting in an 87% reduction in site load time (down from 9.5 seconds to 3 seconds) and an increase in average pages per session of 330% (up from 2.5 to 9.5). For a site based on content and daily interaction, these are phenomenal results.”
– Matthew Nelson, FirstTracks Marketing

Another big change to ShadowTrader’s website was a complete overhaul of their subscription model setup, made possible by configuring WooCommerce Memberships to work with current subscriptions. This change added a whole new layer of content protection, giving users exclusive access to premium content and requiring anyone else wanting to access article content to sign up for a free membership to the site.

Email signup integrates directly with the ShadowTrader MailChimp account, allowing for targeted email content update notifications to the right audiences at the right time.

Whatever you trade, ShadowTrader has you covered.