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OTRUSA is a global wholesaler and retailer of OTR, farm, and TBR tires.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, OTRUSA has been a trusted wholesale supplier to tire dealers, logistic companies, mining operations, and construction companies worldwide for more than 20 years.

The company offers an enterprise-grade, membership-based, B2B shopping experience—customers are able to browse over 4,000 products by size, price, brand, speed rating, as well as 30+ other filters. stocks all major brands, working alongside manufacturers to produce their own lines of OTR, high-speed crane, and industrial tires. They are also the exclusive United States distributor for Tiron, a top-tier OTR manufacturer in South Korea.

Committed to environmentally-conscious initiatives, OTRUSA have proudly introduced the industry’s premier remold loader tire. Their Grünload line utilizes the most advanced methods of retreading available, maximizing the re-use of materials and extended life of tires.

“[We] used to work with another web design company that had set templates we had to choose from. Neuralab can customize everything, and they see every project differently. Instead of making our site look like everyone else’s, they’ve adapted to our strategy.”

The design strategy for the updated OTRUSA online store was based on a BM/BD pattern (Browse On Mobile / Buy On Desktop). In addition, each B2B member on the site has its own pricing structure, catalog availability, and discount scope.

As a result, there has been a 33% rise on unique purchases, an 80% boost in the number of eCommerce transactions, plus a whopping 109% increase on sessions with transactions.

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