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Millionaire Gallery

Millionaire Gallery design unique art displays and memorabilia commemorating the best-loved moments from sports, music, Hollywood, and history.

They have delivered uniquely handcrafted prints, paintings, art, and figures for more than 30 years, gaining a trusted reputation and creating lasting memories for their customers. From humble beginnings in Key West, FL, Millionaire Gallery can now boast six locations across the globe.

It all started with owner, Bruce Matthews, and his brother, Charles, collecting baseball cards as kids. As time went on, this childhood passion fuelled Bruce’s quest to have preeminent baseball card collections and share them with everyone.

Branching out to include signature art displays of famous icons, Bruce began travelling extensively around the country to exhibit his art displays at trade shows and charity events. There, he regularly piqued the interest of collectors who were looking for something with unique sentimental value, trying to preserve valued memories, or wanting to celebrate someone that they admired.

People loved these collector’s items and displays, feeling connected to the past and to the greats of sports and entertainment history.

“You can’t change history, but, with Millionaire Gallery, you can own a piece of it.”
– Bruce Matthews, owner

Each item in this vast collection is professionally authenticated by experts, and comes with an guaranteed letter of authentication.

By ordering online, customers can also choose attractive, custom framing options to protect and preserve their memorabilia. An artistic experience, these frames include informative plaques, quotes from historical figures, and historically-appropriate details to add context to each piece.

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