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Go Detox

Go Detox is a 28-day detox program run by the South African edition of the popular magazine, Women’s Health.

The specially-designed four-week meal plan helps members eliminate processed foods, refined sugars, and empty calories from their diet.

Delicious and healthy recipes form the backbone of an easy-to-follow meal plan, with a helpful food swap guide and affordable shopping lists.

“This is not a juice cleanse or a herbal tea diet. It’s designed to help you eliminate processed foods, refined sugars, and junk food from your daily diet.”

Media24, the parent company of Women’s Health in South Africa, turned to Cape Town-based WooExperts Lightspeed to build the Go Detox website.

The company has previously built membership plans for several other magazine brands, but this project required some additional tweaks.

“It was a challenge to adapt our LSX Health Plan software to apply to a 28-day meal plan-centered website,” says Lightspeed’s Ashley Shaw. The company initially developed this custom plugin for Fairlady’s 12 Weeks to Sleek and modified its functionality to fit the Go Detox brief.

Lightspeed also made it straightforward for customers to sign up and pay for the plan.

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