Klarna now available within WooPayments_Q42023

Added by Shubert Koong (Woo marketing) to support the launch of Klarna within WooPayments


Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

EZ Greet Shop

EZGreetShop is standalone portal where a user gets the flexibility of personalising their cards and place orders relevant to selected package type. Here the tricky part was to allow the users to either design for a given number(5, 10, 15, 20 etc) of cards at a time or customize within a specified time frame based on the chosen (set from the backend) package type. The card customization tool is provided with an editor of capability customize to any extent in terms of area and graphics, have a look: http://ezgreetshop.com/shop/ (kindly choose any package and card followed by customize option).

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