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Eat Dream Be

Eat Dream Be

Eat Dream Be is dedicated to focusing mass intention on active dreaming practice to inspire personal growth and creativity. To do so we make tools. We created a calming organic snack, the Dream Bar, to serve as an intention tool for dreaming practice. It’s made with functional foods rich in building block nutrients of Serotonin & Acetylcholine (associated with mood, sleep and dreams), and infused with herbal teas. We’re in the process of developing a companion software, a dream journaling platform that will be released in the near future. We also support musicians with our Eat Dream Be-Sides, visionary artists, and have far off plans for a festival. The bars are Organic, Gluten-Free and Beegan (Vegan but only sweetened with honey). We appreciate all dietary restrictions and created a relaxing snack bar that can be eaten at all ages from children to grandparents.

We use the 15Zine theme to run our site and shop – It does a great job highlighting our Podcasts and Be-Sides (Acoustic sets with musicians) where we use the AffiliateWP plugin to track sales sent to us by the artists and give them a portion of sales back to their art! Feed the artistic machine!

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