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Dr. Scholl’s

Founded by William Mathias Scholl, M.D. 118 years ago, Dr. Scholl’s has become a trusted name in foot care. This brand is known for its innovative range of products, ranging from shoe inserts and orthopedics, all the way to specialized treatments.

As a globally recognized foot care specialist, Dr. Scholl’s has a deep understanding of the connection between health and movement. Healthy, happy feet make it easier to keep moving, easing lower body pain, and making it easier to live a full, active life.

“Better movement means more movement. And more movement means better health.”

The mission behind this trusted brand is simple – to get people moving. Through their Science of Movement approach, Scholl’s has created an innovative approach that combines treatments designed for a range of common mobility problems. From foot conditions such as athlete’s foot, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, blisters, and corns, to knee and ankle pain, shin splints, and muscle fatigue, products help to ease discomfort and promote better movement.

While there is no doubt that this brand is a household name in every part of the world, maximizing online sales helped bring products to a wider audience. A customer-centric sales process is essential for every brand.

Using powerful open-source tools, Dr. Scholl’s products and solutions have been optimized within the eCommerce space. Integrating with the store’s existing WordPress framework, WooCommerce was used to simplify and streamline the online selling process. The result is a more efficient online store that converts more customers and expands Dr. Scholl’s reach even further.