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Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

Coffee Bros.

Coffee Bros. are a no-fuss company taking the confusion out of buying ethically sourced coffee.

Coffee can be confusing, but that needn’t be the case. Their classic blends are pretty straightforward: Dark, Medium, Light, and Espresso Roasts.

Don’t be fooled by this simplicity though; flavor still comes first. Coffee Bros. use GrainPro bags instead of the traditional burlap when shipping beans from their favorite farms. Each batch is roasted a little lighter than usual, taking care not to mask its flavor by charring.

“Unbeknownst to consumers, most coffee on the market is over roasted and burnt which means that the natural taste notes of the beans are masked.”
– Coffee Bros.

Each batch is fresh, too, with batches sourced based on harvest times to guarantee quality. Each order goes to the roastery immediately after its placed, freshly roasted, ground, and bagged to maximize deliciousness and consistency.

Dan and Nick, the Coffee Bros. themselves, are adamant that coffee should be easy to enjoy. Their site is a vibrant, welcoming home for caffeine connoisseurs. Built by Portland’s Needmore Designs, its intelligent visual design highlights on the dynamic flavors of each coffee by pairing them with beautiful illustrations.

““First impressions are everything and our site helped us gain trust from customers who have never interacted with us before,” says Dan. “We have seen strong conversion rates on our site.”

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