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The Products by Category block

Designed to work with the new Block Editor introduced with WordPress 5.0, WooCommerce Blocks offers a range of blocks you can use to build and customise your site. You can use this plugin if you want access to the all available blocks for WooCommerce – including experimental ones. Our current “stable” blocks are bundled into WooCommerce, and can be added from the “WooCommerce” section in the block inserter.

Blocks available in the plugin currently:

  • Featured Product Block: Select and display a single product in a new, high impact fashion. Control text alignment, hide or show the price and description, add a color overlay, change the button call to action, and override the product photo.
  • Featured Category Block: Visually highlight a product category to increase traffic to that specific section on your shop.
  • Hand-Picked products Block: Display a grid of hand picked products. Products can be ordered in various ways.
  • Best Selling Products Block: Display a grid of your best selling products, filterable by category.
  • Top Rated Products Block: Display a grid of your top rated products, filterable by category.
  • Newest Products Block: Display a grid of your newest products, filterable by category.
  • On Sale Products Block: Display a grid of on sale products, filterable by category.
  • Products by Category Block: Display a grid of products from your selected category, or categories. Products can be ordered in various ways
  • Products by Tag Block: Show a grid of products based on a specific tag that allows you to highlight products based on finer classification options.
  • Products by Attribute Block: Display a grid of products from your selected attributes.
  • Product Categories List Block: Display all your product categories as a list or dropdown and help shoppers to find a specific category.
  • Reviews by Product: Display reviews of a specific product to build trust in your product and brand.
  • Reviews by Category: Highlight reviews from specific categories and help merchants making an informed purchasing decision.
  • All Reviews: Show a list of all product reviews on a landing page, blog post or any other page in your site.
  • Store Breadcrumbs: Allows users to understand their location within the store quickly and facilitates navigation to previous sections.
  • Product Results Count: Allows you to display the number of products found based on a specific search query or filter, making it easier for your customers to see how many products match their criteria.
  • Product Search: Help shoppers find your products by placing a search box in specific locations.
  • All Products: Display all products from your store as a grid with pagination and sorting options. Requires WordPress 5.3.
  • Catalog Sorting: Allows users to sort products within a category by various criteria, such as price, popularity, and newness.
  • Product Meta: Allows you to display the product SKU and product categories in a single product template
  • Product Image Gallery: Allows you to add an extra image gallery to your single product template.
  • Product Details: Allows you to add product descriptions, information, and reviews to your single product template.
  • Related Products: Allows you to display the products related to the featured product.
  • Filter Products by Price: Display a slider to filter products in your store by price. Works in combination with the All Products block. Requires WordPress 5.3.
  • Filter Products by Attribute: Display a list of filters based on a chosen product attribute. Works in combination with the All Products block. Requires WordPress 5.3.
  • Active Product Filters: Display a list of active product filters. Works in combination with the Filter Products by Price and Filter Products by Attribute blocks. Requires WordPress 5.3.
  • Mini Cart: Allow customers to check the contents of their cart from any store page.
  • Cart Block: Display the current cart contents (currently in beta, see this page about its status).
  • Checkout Block: Display the checkout page, with customer details, shipping options (dependant on product type), and payment method (currently in beta, see this page about its status)
  • Add To Cart Form: Allows you to add the block version of the add to cart form in a single product template.
  • Customer Account: Display a link to the Login and My Account pages. It can be customized to show as text-only, icon-only, or icon and text. You can also select the icon style.

Selecting Categories with the Products by Category block

If you want to follow the latest developments or report a bug you can do that at the GitHub repository.

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