• Sell to wholesale buyers while maintaining your retail customers
  • Define buyers by wholesale and retail roles
  • Offer wholesale buyers wholesale pricing
  • Offer wholesale buyers the opportunity to purchase your products in larger quantities
  • Show or hide retail and wholesale prices based on user roles
  • Turn off sales tax collection for wholesale buyers


Show or hide prices
Wholesale Market for WooCommerce gives you control over price visibility. You can show wholesale prices to all customers or only wholesale customers. You can also share or hide retail prices with wholesale customers.

Define wholesale quantities
The extension allows store owners to define wholesale quantities. You can specify the minimum amount of a product to qualify for a wholesale purchase or wholesale price. You can also set a global minimum quantity for all wholesale products or a minimum quantity for individual products.

For instance, you could require a minimum purchase of 144 (gross) of any items in your store to qualify for wholesale pricing. Or you could require that a wholesale buyer purchase 24 of one product and 36 of another.

If you set product minimums for wholesale sales, you will enable custom text options on shop and product pages to explain minimums to buyers.

You can also restrict product purchases by multipliers. For instance, you could sell products in multipliers of three or per dozen.

Set checkout minimums
Admins can set wholesale-order minimums required for purchase. Customers must buy that amount to place an order.

CSV import and export
Admins can import product descriptions, prices, updates, and other information via CSV file upload.

Admins receive notifications of the following requests and updates via email.

  • New requests for wholesale roles
  • Wholesale-role-request received messages
  • Wholesale-role-request accepted messages
  • Wholesale-role-request canceled messages

Sales tax
The extension allows you to turn off sales tax collection for wholesale customers.

User roles
Admin can easily assign and edit user roles.

  • Add a new user role to the system with Add a new user role.
  • Assign a user role for a new or existing user with Add user role.
  • Delete assigned user roles for a group of users with Bulk Action.

Offer global discounts
Offer all wholesale products at a discount when you enable Global Percentage (%) Discount and define the discount amount.


Dedicated account management
After you purchase Wholesale Market for WooCommerce, we will assign you a dedicated account manager.

24*7 support
In addition to your account manager, our support team representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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