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This plugin allows you as an admin or a store manager to quickly switch between user accounts and act as the customer in your store.

With the front-end based user switcher tool you are able to add a product to cart and create an order for your customer. This can be very useful if you offer phone orders and invoice the customer manually via a separate invoicing system.


  • Only users with the ability to edit other users can switch between accounts.
  • Users can only switch to other users with the same or lower capabilities.
  • Uses the WordPress cookie authentication system when switching between accounts.
  • Uses the WordPress nonce security system which means that only users that intends to switch user accounts can execute the user switching functions in the plugin.

Plugin usage

  1. When the plugin is activated and you are logged in as one of the roles defined in the plugin settings, the front-end user switching tool will be visible in the top left corner.
  2. When you have switched to another user, a descriptive text will remind you that you are logged in as another user.
  3. Click on the Log out link to switch back to the account you where originally logged in as.

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