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Increase your WooCommerce store’s average order value by creating product bundles, subscription boxes, special offers, and bulk discounts. 

As a WooCommerce store owner, you understand the importance of increasing sales revenue and captivating your customers. One highly effective strategy to achieve these goals is by bundling products. By offering customized product bundles, you can provide your customers with unbeatable deals and incentives that keep them coming back for more. 

And that’s where Smart Product Bundle for WooCommerce comes in.

Boost your sales revenue with the power of bundling products.

Smart Product Bundle for WooCommerce is a complete product grouping tool that empowers you to create irresistible bundle offers tailored to your customers’ preferences. Fulfill customer expectations with Smart Bundle and enrich customer experiences along with your sales revenue.

This intelligent and flexible product bundling extension helps increase the average cart value of your website using features like:

  • Product bundling with pricing options including Fixed Price, Per Product with Bundle Price, and Per Product without Bundle Price.
  • Create quantity restriction-based bundle discounts (Minimum and Maximum).
  • Offer multiple prices and bulk discounts on product bundles.
  • Create bundles by adding products individually or by product category. 
  • Visibility options for product bundle price on the cart, checkout, order details, and product detail page.
  • Encourage customers to create subscription orders for product bundles.

Boost customer loyalty and create recurring revenue streams.

Build a subscription model for your business and start charging recurring revenue from customers who want to purchase product bundles from your website on a regular basis. 

Smart Product Bundle’s Subscription Box, powered by WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, allows you to create subscription or recurring orders that automatically process fees at the set time.
  • Set the bundle product price and subscription interval.
  • Define an expiration period for the subscription order.
  • Charge customers with a subscription sign-up fee.
  • Offer a free trial by defining a trial price and duration.
  • Schedule a sale price that will offer customers a discount on subscription renewal.

Encourage bulk purchases by controlling prices & product visibility.

Each product bundle created will be treated as a standalone product. You can control its visibility for upsells and work with various bundling options to provide customers with bulk discounts for bundled products.

Show your customers how much they are saving just by bundling up – Smart Product Bundle also allows you to display regular prices on products in a bundle so you can see just how much money you’re saving.

Smart Product Bundle offers more than just bundling options – it has superior product grouping capabilities, flexible pricing and shipping options, customizable layouts, and conditional logic.

Smart Product Bundle is a definitive product builder with the power to offer your customers deals and a mix of products.

Smart Product Bundle Features

  • Bundle In Bundle: You can display all bundles together so your customers can choose any bundle they wish to buy from one place.
  • Inventory-Managed Bundles: Our tool ensures that bundled products are inventory-managed, just like standalone sale products.
  • Flexible Pricing Options: We offer three types of pricing options to offer bulk discounts on individual products or the entire bundle. Choose from Fixed Price, Per Product with Bundle Price, or Per Product without Bundle Price.
  • Versatile Pricing for Single and Multiple Products: Create pricing options for both single products and multiple product bundles.
  • Unleash Discount Bundles Without Price Impact: Create enticing discount bundles and offers without altering the original product prices. It’s a win-win for both you and your customers.
  • Multiple Pricing Options for Irresistible Offers: Combine different pricing options to generate highly attractive discounted offers on bundle packages.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Remove the product link from the cart page to create a sense of anticipation and excitement.
  • Infinite Product Variations: Add variable products to your bundles effortlessly. Choose from various variations to create unique offers that cater to your users’ preferences.
  • Complete Control Over Layout: Customize your product display with multiple layout options, including a table, grid, or full-grid layout.
  • Item Grouping for Seamless Presentation: Present your bundles in a visually appealing and organized manner by controlling the line spacing of bundled items on the cart and order page.
  • Set Quantity Restrictions: Define the minimum bundle quantity (Minimum & Maximum) required for adding items to the cart.
  • Flexible Bundle Management: Customers can conveniently edit the item quantity of their bundle directly on the cart page.
  • Effortless Bundle Creation: Create bundles effortlessly by adding products individually or selecting a product category.
  • Personalize Bundle Offers: Exclude item prices from the bundle price or add a discount percentage to individual items. Customize your offers to make them even more enticing and tailored to your customers’ needs.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Tailor the display of bundled product prices on the cart, checkout, order detail, and product detail pages. Show or hide prices based on your preferences and marketing strategy.
  • Convenient Shipping Options: Choose from three different shipping options: Packed Separately, Packed Together, or Packed None.
  • Subscription Orders Made Easy: Enable customers to create subscription orders for their bundles using the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.
  • Seamless Product Add-Ons: Allow customers to select product add-ons for their bundles.

Why Use Smart Product Bundle for WooCommerce?

  • Display All Bundles in One Place

    Our plugin allows you to show all bundles together so customers don’t have to spend time searching for them.

  • Create Smart Product Bundles.

    Just select the bundle product option from the product list and head to the separate Bundle Product settings tab to create bundles. With multiple pricing options, you can display promotional and discounted offers on bundle packages to your audience.

  • Create an Assortment of Similar Products.

    Offer bulk discounts to customers to encourage bulk purchasing. Customers can add similar products to a bundle and save money in bulk ordering. For example, this extension can easily create an assortment of 12 cups or a pack of six t-shirts. You can specify the products or variations and the number of items needed to complete the bundle.

  • Complete Control Over Pricing.

    As the store owner, you will have complete control over calculating final prices. There are three types of pricing options available in the Smart Product Bundle (these pricing options can also be applied to product pages with a single item):

    Fixed Pricing: define a fixed price for the complete bundle.

    Per Product Pricing without Bundle Price: Charge the products’ price in the cart individually without the bundle price included in the final price.

    Per Product Pricing with Bundle Price: Charge the products’ price in the cart as per the bundle price. The final price of the bundle will then be included in the final price.

  • Choose a Layout Suitable for Your Customers.

    You can choose from three different layout options to display products:

    – Table view;

    – Grid view;

    – Full-Width Grid Layout.

    You will have to enter the number of columns you require in the Grid Layout and Full-Width Grid Layout.

  • Apply Minimum Quantity Requirements on Bundles.

    Set minimum quantity requirements on your product bundles. For example, apply a minimum requirement of five products so that the bundle price is only applied to the cart when the user adds five or more products to their order.

    Similarly, you can apply minimum quantity requirements on the bundles as well. This will allow you to provide discounted prices to customers who purchase multiple bundles.

  • Item Grouping Gives a Visually Appealing Presentation.

    Product bundles can be displayed as Grouped or Flat under the parent bundle. This is a great way to control the line spacing of bundled items on the cart and order page.

  • Display Regular Prices Along with Bundle Prices.

    You can choose to display regular product prices separately on products along with the bundle price. This way, you can show your customers how much they will save by purchasing a bundle.

  • Create Bundles With Individual Products or Product Categories. 

    Create bundles effortlessly by adding products individually or selecting a product category. Adding a category will create a bundle on the shop page containing all the category products. Alternatively, you can individually add products to a bundle using the search and select field.

  • Configure Bundle Product Settings For Enhanced User Experience. 

    Configure your bundle product’s settings based on your preferences and marketing strategy. You can add and edit options like the bundled product’s Min/Max quantity limit, discount percentage, price visibility (cart/checkout, product details, order details), and more.

  • Convenient Shipping Options. 

    Choose from three different shipping options: Packed Separately, Packed Together, or Packed None. In Packed Separately, all selected items are shipped individually in their original packaging. In Packed Together, all selected items are assembled or packaged together and shipped as a single unit.

  • Create Subscription Orders For Bundle Products. 

    Enable customers to create subscription orders for their bundles using the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. Customers ordering a subscription bundle will be automatically charged on a regular interval set by the admin. You can also offer a free trial on the subscription bundle and charge an upfront (sign-up) fee.

  • Add Product Add-ons to the Bundle. 

    Give your customers the power to add or remove add-ons from a product bundle. Combining products together is a smart marketing strategy, and giving customers the option to add or remove products when finalizing a bundle is even better.


How to Get Started

  1. Buy Smart Product Bundle for WooCommerce.
  2. Download and install the extension. You can find the installation guide here.
  3. Activate, set up, and configure the extension.

Read the technical documentationn to set up bundle discounts, minimum quantity restrictions, and product layouts.

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