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WooCommerce Product Prices by User Roles allows you to set product prices and shipping charges based on user roles at the global and product level.

Benefits of having user-role based pricing

Many WooCommerce stores have different prices for user roles. For example, the price for a Customer (logged-in user) will be different from a Guest who has yet to make a purchase on the site. WooCommerce Product Prices by User Roles gives you the flexibility to create different prices based on user roles.

Below is an example of how the prices will be displayed for different roles.

Price for different user roles.
Price for different user roles.

As shown above, a price of $25 is displayed for guest visitors vs. $18 for a logged-in customer. The normal price for a Shop Manager is $20.

With this extension you can hide prices for guest users.

Modify shipping charges

With this WooCommerce pricing plugin for customers groups & user roles you can also set shipping charges based on user roles. Based on the example above, you can set a reduced shipping charge for customers vs. guest users and a further shipping price reduction for a custom role such as “wholesaler.”

Other key features

  • Prices can be set globally or on a per product basis. When setting prices globally, you must set a price multiplier for each user role. When setting prices on a per-product basis, you can set the exact price for each product.
  • Hide WooCommerce product prices for selected user roles. You can even make the price empty for certain roles.
  • Works with variable products. You can set different WooCommerce prices based on user roles for each variation.
  • Custom user roles created on the stores are also supported.
  • You can disable prices for bots.
  • Price precision up to six decimals.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

Get control over WooCommerce product prices for different roles.

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