FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Help Center

by  POWR
Create, organize, and display frequently asked questions on any page with POWR's FAQ.

Create, organize, and display FAQs to answer frequently asked questions on any page.

Make finding an answer to common questions easy with a WooCommerce FAQ! With 82% of customers using online FAQs, making sure you have answers to common questions easily available on your site is essential to driving conversions and purchases. POWR’s FAQ Help Center makes it easy for you to set up.

Flexible Design

Add questions and answers and present them in an easily scannable accordion layout to create a mini Help Center.

  • Customize the spacing between entries.
  • Choose from a selection of question icons.
  • Add custom content such as links, images, and videos to your answers.
  • Make your FAQs easily digestible and well-organized by dividing your content into sections.
  • Arrange your FAQs side-by-side using the half-width feature.

Boost Conversions

Add a search bar to make it simple for shoppers to find the FAQ answer the need. You can also have your most popular answer automatically open in your FAQ to direct customers to the most commonly searched-for answers.

With the upvoting option, users can tell you which answers are helpful and which ones could use some improvements, giving you actionable insight on where customers need more help.

FAQ Help Center Features

  • Reduce support requests by adding answers to frequent questions to your website.
  • Include shipping details, your refund policy, and more on your Help page.
  • Use an accordion layout to make it easy to browse through different questions.
  • Automatically expand answers to your most frequently-accessed questions.
  • Include text, links, images, and videos in your answers.
  • Add a search bar to make your FAQ searchable.
  • Enable upvoting or downvoting on answers.
  • Add half-width sections to maximize space on your page and display FAQs side by side.
  • Customize your design with custom question icons, hover effects, colors that match your brand, and more.
  • Supports text in any language.
  • Mobile responsive on any device.
  • Instant access to all 60 POWR apps, such as Social Feed for fresh content on your site and Popup for stellar landing page conversion.


WooCommerce exclusive pricing gives you access to all Starter features for one year. To access Pro or Business features, monthly or yearly upgrades are available on POWR.

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