• Streamline order fulfillment: effortlessly manage and pick orders, reducing manual tasks and errors.
  • Effortless pick and pack lists: generate detailed lists with QR codes for quick access, simplifying the order picking and packaging process.
  • Real-Time updates: stay informed with instant notifications and progress tracking for efficient order management

Unlock the power of efficient order management

Discover the next level of order management with Pick List for WooCommerce. This extension is more than just a tool—it is your partner in ensuring streamlined order fulfillment. Experience real-time updates, tailored order views, and the flexibility to manage orders from anywhere, anytime. With a focus on enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction, the Pick List extension is a game-changer.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Order Picking: Say goodbye to manual order sorting. Pick List for WooCommerce simplifies order picking, making it a smooth and efficient process.
  2. Real-time Updates: Stay in the know with real-time notifications for new orders and order picking progress.
  3. Mobile-Optimized: Manage your orders on-the-go with a seamless mobile experience.
  4. Customizable Fields & Settings: Tailor your order management system to fit your unique business requirements.
  5. Dynamic Notifications: Receive timely alerts for new orders and changes in order picks.
  6. Advanced Order Filtering: Refine your order view with filters based on statuses, priority, and progress.
  7. Customizable Customer Communication: Personalize messages sent to customers upon order shipment or completion.
  8. Printable Pick Lists & Packing Slips: Generate detailed lists for efficient order picking and packaging, complete with QR codes for quick access.
  9. Integrated Progress Tracking: Monitor order pick progress with visual indicators, ensuring accuracy in fulfillment.

With Pick List for WooCommerce, you can take your order management to the next level. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual order sorting and embrace a streamlined, efficient process that boosts accuracy and customer satisfaction.

The Orders tab—your central hub for order management

Pick List for WooCommerce - orders

The Orders tab stands as the cornerstone of your order management process. With its intuitive interface and a suite of customization options, it manages every order with precision and efficiency.


B2B and custom fields integration
Catering to diverse business needs, the Orders tab allows for the addition of B2B-specific details and custom fields directly to the order table. This ensures that every piece of vital information is just a glance away.

Dynamic order filtering
Refine your order view with advanced filters. Whether it’s by order status, priority, progress, or assigned user, you have the flexibility to view orders that matter the most at any given moment.

Real-time notifications
Stay proactive with instant notifications for new orders and changes in order picks. This feature ensures that you’re always in sync with the order management process.

Automatic updates with Ajax
Experience the convenience of real-time table updates. Whether you’re changing the priority of an order or assigning a user, the changes are saved instantly using Ajax, eliminating the need for manual refreshes.

Direct table edits
The Orders tab isn’t just for viewing. Dive in and make direct edits to order priorities and user assignments right within the table. With automatic saving, managing orders has never been smoother.

Efficient pagination
Navigate through your orders seamlessly. With the Orders tab’s intuitive pagination, you can easily move through your list, ensuring that no order goes unnoticed.

Pick Order tab—streamlined order picking

Pick list - pick order

The Pick Order tab is meticulously designed to optimize your order picking process. With a range of customizable settings and intuitive features, it ensures that every order is picked accurately and efficiently.


Multiple access points
Initiating the order picking process is a breeze. Whether you’re clicking the “Pick Order” button from the Orders tab, using the link from the Edit Order page in WooCommerce, or scanning a QR code from a printed Pick List, you have multiple avenues to jumpstart the picking process.

Customizable order picking experience
Tailor the order picking process to your needs. With settings that allow you to include company logos on printed documents, automatically update order statuses, and send personalized messages to customers, you have full control over the picking experience.

Real-time progress tracking
Monitor the progress of your order picks with a visual progress bar and percentage indicator. This ensures that you always know how far along you are in the picking process.

Efficient communication tools
Keep your customers in the loop. Customize messages to notify them when their order is ready for shipment or shipped, enhancing transparency and trust.

Table and grid views
Choose how you want to pick your orders. Whether you prefer a detailed table view or a concise grid view, the Pick Order tab caters to your preference, ensuring a seamless picking experience.

Direct QR Code access
Speed up the order picking process with the QR code feature. By scanning the QR code from a printed Pick List, you can directly access the order pick, making bulk picking faster and more efficient.

Print Pick List and Packing Slips—enhance order fulfillment with precision

Print pick list and packing slips

The ability to print detailed Pick Lists and Packing Slips is a testament to the extension’s commitment to streamlining the order fulfillment process. These printouts, equipped with QR codes, serve as essential tools for ensuring accuracy and efficiency in both picking and packaging.


Distinctive printouts
Each printout is clearly labeled, with the Pick List designed for efficient order picking and the Packing Slip tailored to assist in the packaging process. This clear distinction ensures that every step of order fulfillment is organized and error-free.

Interactive QR Codes

Pick List QR Code
The QR code on the Pick List holds the URL to the specific Pick Order. By scanning it, you can swiftly access the Pick Order, enabling bulk picking and accelerating the order fulfillment process.

Packing Slip QR Code

Designed with customer convenience in mind, the QR Code on the Packing Slip allows customers to effortlessly access their “My Account” page, providing them with a real-time view of their order status and details.

Checkboxes for order items
The Pick List printout features checkboxes next to each item, allowing for manual tracking. As items are picked, they can be marked off, ensuring no item is overlooked.

Streamlined packaging with the Packing Slip
The Packing Slip serves as a guide during the packaging process, ensuring that every item is accounted for. It’s designed to be included within the package, offering customers a detailed overview of their order contents. Option to include an thank you note in the prints (set up in Pick List settings).

Edit Order integration

Pick List - edit order view

The Pick List for WooCommerce extension seamlessly integrates with the WooCommerce native Edit Order page, enhancing its capabilities and offering a more dynamic order management experience.


Progress tracking at a glance
Monitor the progress of each order directly from the Edit Order page. With a visual progress bar and percentage indicator, you can instantly gauge the status of order picking, ensuring timely fulfillment.

Direct access to Pick List features
Convenient links within the Edit Order page provide swift access to both the Pick List and the Pick Order functionalities. This integration ensures that order picking can be initiated or reviewed without navigating away from the order details.

Real-time order shipment information
Stay informed about the shipping status of each order. The Edit Order page clearly indicates whether an order shipped—providing crucial information for efficient order processing.

Dynamic pick priority selection
Adjust the pick priority for each order directly from the Edit Order page. With the extension’s integration, any changes made are instantly saved ensuring that high-priority orders are always promptly fulfilled.

Enhanced order notes
The Edit Order page provides a comprehensive view of order notes, keeping you informed about the order’s progress. Key notes, such as order pick completion and shipment notifications, are automatically added, ensuring clear communication with customers.

Mobile views—order management on-the-go

Pick List - mobile views

Experience the full power of the Pick List for WooCommerce extension, optimized for mobile devices. In the office or on the move, you can manage orders with ease and efficiency with your smartphone or tablet.

Dynamic filters—tailored order views

Dynamic order filters

Refine your order list with dynamic filters. You can view orders by status, priority, or assigned user—our intuitive filtering system ensures you see what matters most.

Dynamic order overview—at-a-glance insights

Stay informed with real-time statistics viewed directly on the Orders tab. As you filter and refine your order list, the extension dynamically updates to provide you with key metrics.

Total orders
Quickly gauge the number of orders you’re managing.

Total items
Understand the volume of items across all orders.

Orders total value
Get an instant overview of the cumulative value of your orders.

Average order value
Monitor the average spend, helping you track and analyze sales trends

Efficient sorting with an organized order overview
Arrange your orders in a way that suits your workflow. With our sorting functionality, you can prioritize orders based on various criteria, ensuring optimal efficiency in order management.

Powerful search—find orders instantly

Never lose track of an order again. With our robust search feature, locate specific orders in seconds, streamlining your order management process.

Want to learn more about Pick List for WooCommerce and its powerful features? Explore our comprehensive documentation for in-depth insights. Get started today!

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