Set up live sales and order notifications on your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce push notification plugin increases customers’ trust by displaying real-time sales notifications on your store. It convinces prospective customers that yours is a reliable store and that other people trust your products. 

You can show notifications for specific products or categories, customize the notification message, schedule notifications, display them in different formats, and more.


  • Display live sales notifications on your site
  • Set up new order notifications for WooCommerce
  • Show notifications for specific products or categories
  • Share notifications for items in customers’ genuine orders
  • Option to display sales notifications for out-of-stock products
  • Display notifications on both desktop and mobile
  • Customize notification messages
  • Set notifications on a loop, for a duration, or by session
  • Display notifications in multiple locations: home page, checkout page, cart page
  • Choose from multiple notification designs and sound options
This Plugin is fully compatible with HPOS(High-Performance Order Storage) and Multisite.
Install the WooCommerce countdown timer plugin to display sale timer in tandem with the WooCommerce Sales Notification plugin.

Display real-time sales notifications

The WooCommerce live sales notification plugin is a confidence booster for your store’s visitors. When they see a recent sales popup telling them that many other people are purchasing from the store, they will be more at ease in making their purchases. The plugin syncs with the store’s sales data and generates real sales popups.

Types of push notifications

  • Order is placed notification
  • Purchase notification
  • Out-of-stock notification
  • Order refund notification
  • Recent sales pop-up notification

Show WooCommerce notifications based on

  • User role
  • Specific products or categories
  • Location

Trigger WooCommerce sales pop-up notification on:

  • Home Page
  • Shop Page
  • Single Product Page
  • Cart Page

Show WooCommerce push notifications for specific products & categories

You can show sales notifications for any product you want. You can create fake orders to promote specific products or categories. Select those products, and the faked orders will show to visitors at regular intervals.

WooCommerce live sales notifications

Notify out-of-stock products

The WooCommerce out-of-stock notification plugin allows you to select and create sales notifications for out-of-stock products.

WooCommerce live sales notifications

Multiple designs for sales notification

It offers many design options to match your store’s look and feel and many options for how the notification popup should look and display. You can configure text color, background, popup position, sound effects, and more.

WooCommerce live sales notifications

Customize notification message

The WooCommerce purchase notification plugin allows you to customize the notification message to increase its authenticity.

WooCommerce live sales notifications

Schedule notification’s display & interval time

The WooCommerce new order push notification plugin is quite flexible when it comes to scheduling notification messages. You can schedule:

Display time: For how long does the notification show? It should not be too long (preferably less than 10 seconds) so that it does not distract or affect the customer’s experience.

Interval time: What should be the time interval between 2 notifications? This time should not be too short (preferably more than 30 seconds) to look genuine to visitors.

WooCommerce live sales notifications

Display notifications on multiple pages

WooCommerce live sales notification plugin enables you to display sales notifications on any page that you deem would be useful, be it the Home page, Cart page, or Checkout page.

WooCommerce live sales notifications

Responsive on mobile devices

Fake sales notification for the WooCommerce plugin works perfectly on desktop and mobile devices. You can customize the position of popups on desktop and mobile separately to optimize the user experience.

Benefits of the plugin include:

  • Motivating store visitors to make quick buying decisions
  • Building customers’ trust in your products
  • Increasing sales and revenue


Our plugins are designed to be highly versatile and also compatible with the most commonly used themes, browsers, builders, and mobile views. We understand the importance of flexibility and integration when it comes to enhancing your website’s functionality. Our plugins can effortlessly integrate with the following:

Themes Compatibility

  • Store Front
  • Avada
  • Flatsome
  • Woodmart
  • WooCommerce default theme
  • Divi


  • Elementor

Compatible with

  • Multi-Site
  • PHP 8

How to Get Started

  1. Purchase Live Sales Notifications for WooCommerce from
  2. Download and install the extension.
  3. Activate the extension.
  4. Go to the WooCommerce > Sales Notifications tab to enable and configure the settings.
  5. Read the full installation guide here.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

Encourage customer purchases by displaying live sales notifications in your online store.

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