• Accept one-click crypto payments
    • Accept payments on Solana—the fastest and most user-friendly blockchain platform
    • Attract new customers who love to pay with cryptocurrencies
    • Get paid instantly
    • Pay fees as low as 0.75%
    • Eliminate expensive chargebacks

Helio Pay


Familiar UI

Set up your crypto payments from the Helio Pay dashboard. It has a similar flow to other Web2 sites and fiat checkouts. See our WooCommerce set-up documentation.

Auto currency conversion

Buyers can pay with the token of their choice.


Reward customers with an NFT drop. Token gate access to your store based on an NFT collection and enable discounts with an NFT (coming soon).

Community membership

Include access to your exclusive community with every sale.

Blockchain support

Helio Pay is compatible with USDC, Solana, or any SPL token. Use it with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and hundreds of other tokens (coming soon to our WooCommerce extension).

Helio dashboard

Log in to the Helio Pay dashboard with Phantom or another wallet to access our user-friendly transaction log. The log allows merchants to track all ‘on-chain’ activity, including transaction ID, amount, time, interacting wallets, and email and other notification flows.

Balances log

See the complete set of crypto balances in-app.


Easily create and send invoices for one-off transactions.

100% DeFi

Decentralized finance (DeFi) means instant payments to Phantom, MetaMask, Ledger, or another crypto wallet. The payment flow is peer-to-peer. No intermediary ever holds or processes your money.

Helio Wallet

Are you new to crypto? No problem. We create a Helio Wallet for you the first time you log in.

Fiat transfers

Fiat transfers are coming soon. So, you will be able to on-ramp to crypto from fiat currencies and off-ramp balances back to your bank account via ACH transfers.

No disputes with crypto payments

Crypto payments have a 0% dispute rate. Buyers cannot reverse payments. Chargebacks are not possible.

Create your Helio account now to get started with Helio Pay!

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