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Preview Emails Without Placing Orders

The Email Previewer for WooCommerce plugin helps you to preview changes made to WooCommerce email templates instantaneously via modal.


  • Preview your WooCommerce emails instantly
  • Preview your WooCommerce emails via modal in the WP admin dashboard itself without any redirection on the site
  • Site admins can see previews of emails without placing actual orders to generate previews
  • Preview emails can be generated using completed orders


  1. The plugin is nimble and simple to integrate
  2. It saves time—quickly preview changes made to email templates
  3. Preview changes made directly via modal

Supported Extensions

Other Integrations

  • Enhancements for WooCommerce Points and Rewards
  • Advanced WooCommerce Deposits and Payment Plans

How does it work?

In WooCommerce, if you want to view how your emails look after making changes, you have to place an actual order or perform the desired order-related action to a previously placed order to view the changes. With Email Previewer for WooCommerce, you can easily preview changes made to emails instantly by inputting a previously placed order ID. You can also preview changes made in WooCommerce Subscriptions’ emails by inputting a previously placed Subscription ID.

Preview options

Input your Order ID to preview an email

Your email preview will look like this:

Preview the changes made in WooCommerce Subscriptions emails by inputting a previously placed Subscription ID.

Your Subscription email preview will look like this:


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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