Cart Limits for WooCommerce

Use Woocommerce Cart Limit to enforce checkout restrictions. Limit order purchase based on Cart Value,  Cart Items, or Product Quantity.

Control Inventory and limit Purchase Quantities with Woocommerce Cart Limits 

Cart Limits plugin enables you to add cart checkout restrictions based on rules and conditions you set. It allows you to set Minimum and Maximum limits on the amount, number of products, or number of items per customer. These order restrictions can be applied to specific products, and User roles or enabled for the entire store.

Install the WooCommerce quantity increment plugin and streamline cart limits by adding quantity increment buttons to your store.

Woocommerce cart quantity manager features:-

  • Limits total cart amount or product quantity
  • When a customer reaches the maximum cart quantity, it stops them from adding products or allows them to replace items in their carts with new items
  • Allows customers to replace the first or last cart item
  • Displays customizable messages
  • Cart limits based on weight

Limited Edition Products

You can easily manage inventory of limited edition products or a product that is high in demand by setting the purchase limit of products that users can add to the cart. Often, best-selling products run out of stock due to over-purchases made by individual users. This way you can ensure that you supply your product to maximum users without going out of stock.

This Plugin is fully compatible with HPOS(High-Performance Order Storage) and Multisite.

Cart Restriction Rules

You can apply checkout cart restrictions on 4 different methods:

  • Number of products
  • Number of quantity per product
  • Total cart value
  • Total weight of the products added to the cart

Limit Products in the Cart

Restrict checkout with the limited number of products that can be added to the cart. Disallow purchase if the total cart quantity exceeds the predefined range.

i.e If the max product limit is set to 10, then users can not add more products to their cart.


Limit Total Cart Amount

Admin can set cart restrictions on total cart value. This reflects the total amount a user can spend to make a purchase from the store. 

i.e If the admin has set a limit of $100 transaction per user then users will not be able to continue shopping if the cart amount exceeds the limit.


Limit Number of Items in the Cart

Limit quantity per product a user can purchase. This rule can be applied to limited edition products or bulk ordering where admins can limit the quantity of each item added to the cart. 

i.e product x can only be bought once for each customer.


Apply Cart Limits Based on Weight

Limit the total weight of the products that the user can add to the cart. You can select the maximum and minimum cart limits based on weight. The plugin also allows you to show custom messages when the cart exceeds the set weight limits.

Block or Replace recently added product in Cart after limit is reached

Admin can enable the option to replace the last item added to the cart with the next item if the cart limit is reached. Admin can either choose to replace or restrict additional items to be added.

i.e if the admin has set the cart product limit to 10 and the user adds the 11th item to their cart, then the 10th item will automatically be replaced with the 11th item while maintaining the cart limit.

WooCommerce Cart Limit

Apply Cart Limits to Certain Products

Apply limit on product quantities that can be added to the cart by the users using the WooCommerce Cart Limit Plugin. Select specific products and set maximum and minimum limit quantity per product. 

WooCommerce Cart Quantity

Display Personalized Notifications

Compose custom messages for better communication with customers with the help of maximum products per user plugin for WooCommerce. You can set notification messages for product replacement, product limits, item limits, and cart amount.



  • Manage sales on your own terms
  • Allows you to focus on producing quality items, not quantity
  • You can offer a limited quantity of new or limited-edition products
  • You can limit the amount of inventory needed on hand for easy management
  • By limiting product quantities you can control the timing of restocking inventory
  • Save on shipping costs by limiting cart-item quantities or cart amounts
  • You can compose custom messages to explain cart limitations to customers
  • Apply cart limit based on minimum and maximum weight


Our plugins are designed to be highly versatile and also compatible with the most commonly used themes, browsers, builders, and mobile views. We understand the importance of flexibility and integration when it comes to enhancing your website’s functionality. Our plugins can effortlessly integrate with the following:

Themes Compatibility

  • Store Front
  • Avada
  • Flatsome
  • Porto
  • Woodmart
  • WooCommerce default theme
  • Divi


  • Elementor
  • Bakery
  • Divi

Compatible with

  • Multi-Site
  • Mobile Layout


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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