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Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping import/export function

I’d love to see an import/export function in “Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping”.
It is very useful for developers. Sometimes, we have to fill hundreds of shipping prices.
With an export/import function, i could easily copy my configuration from a site to another one.


Current Status


Last updated: November 14, 2013


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  1. Balades Sonores

    actually w/o import/export function the plugin is useless as long as one needs to manage more that 2 lines in the best matching.
    this import/export should actually be part of the v1 / MVP of the plugin, not an extra feature.

  2. alignsoft

    Given the relatively limited options for shipping overall, the Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin is pretty much what all of us wind up using to accommodate pretty much everything (distance rate shipping aside).

    It’s incredibly time consuming to setup entries one at a time, especially when so often we’re provided with a spreadsheet full of rate types and rates, so not having any facility to export a template and import from a CSV file is incredibly frustrating.

    This plugin is over a decade old, and there are 66 comments here asking for this functionality – it would be really nice to see this actioned.

  3. fishpie

    I’ve created a simple plugin to import and export price table in CSV. It may make some people happy. https://web.contempo.jp/weblog/tips/post-7780

  4. troyw2015

    An Import Export Function for Table Rate Shipping is needed now, more than ever. With Online shopping now so popular, developers need to be able to use Table Rates they have all ready created, instead of having to do it again and again for each build.
    I just hope that Woocommerce don’t make us pay for this feature as an add-on. Apart from being disgustingly greedy, we really don’t need more plugins to make Woocommerce work nicely.
    I somehow doubt Woocommerce will be able to help themselves though, so unlikely it will be free!

  5. stephen

    This is as essential as product import if not more.

  6. mailburaque

    This table is not valid anymore: wp_woocommerce_shipping_table_rates

    It looks like table rates are stored in wp_options table now.

    And I couldn’t find a way to export. It seems I’ll have to export each table rate, re-create zones and import again. I have 100 different zones 🙁 So this will be a pain in the ***..

    Developers, please allow us to migrate all settings!


  7. arkm Tony

    It would be very helpful for clients. Thanks for sharing the information.

  8. Lunchtime Results

    It would be very helpful for clients. Thanks for sharing the information.

  9. Thai Lottery

    Thanks for clear the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping import / export function deeply its helps altos for my website to activating the function

  10. Alex Gibson

    Dimitri’s answer works – use PHP admin to export these tables from the site you want to copy the shipping tables.
    Then, in PHP admin simply import them into the new website’s database. After that you need to ‘Drop’ the existing tables and change the table prefix of the imported 4 tables to match the new database.
    It really is pretty easy. So why the plugin couldn’t do this I don’t know. But Woocommerce aren’t very good at taking feedback and acting on it in my experience. They get very defensive.

    To export and reimport, simply export and reimport those tables:

  11. Alex Gibson

    An update on my March 11th comment:
    Using this method many of the Method Titles were not imported for some reason. Instead they displayed as ‘Table Rate’. This was not a problem where labels for the front end had been specified, but where they were not ‘Table Rate’ would be seen by customers. it is also unhelpful on the back end. I manually edited the Method Titles – not ideal but not too time-consuming for this store.

  12. Simon
  13. Oluwapelumi Adeyemi

    This is a basic feature and it’s still not done, sigh

  14. Kiefels

    This has been raised since 2013 and it’s STILL not been implemented?!?
    I think it might be nice if it was.

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  16. Mike

    This is such an absurdly basic requirement – I wan’t my $99 bucks back until this is added.
    SOO dumb that it’s not part of the core plugin from the very beginning.
    7 years on, no action. Maybe in another 7 years hey WC? Just keep taking peoples money and don’t bother after that.

  17. Wil

    Yes please

  18. Rynaldo
  19. Debbie Mulder

    Still not added? this should be a basic feature

  20. Pog Le Pog

    Please implement this! I’m about to spend several hours doing this very error-prone operation by hand on multiple sites!

  21. Anonymous

    Any update on this?? It really should be a basic feature.

  22. Mitchie Mapili

    Any progress on the csv import and export of shipping rates?

  23. ndré

    Yes that would be definitly in

  24. Heath

    I second that idea!

  25. Kristian Yates

    Looks like the import/export shipping method links have been added, but whenever I try to export, I just get a red “error” message in the middle of the screen. Does anyone know the CSV format so I can make one manually?