Klarna now available within WooPayments_Q42023

Added by Shubert Koong (Woo marketing) to support the launch of Klarna within WooPayments

plugin doesnt work well with subscriptions plugin

This plugin might work for B2C shops, where the user has to pay up in front, before products will be sent out.

For B2B shops it is not working ok.

The payment reminder feature is only available to orders where the status is on PAYMENT PENDING. if the order status is COMPLETED the order will not be listed in the list to send out the reminder email.

In combination with Woocommerce subscription plugin, this plugin wont work to remind a client to pay his invoice, because the subscription cycle will only start if the order is COMPLETED.

In B2B only because the order is on status COMPLETED and the invoice was sent out, that doesnt mean that the invoice is paid. maybe it would be also possible to use the switch right side of the generated invoice UNPAID / PAID in combination with the order status.



Current Status


Last updated: May 11, 2023


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