Bulk Update Subscription Price when Subscription Product Price Changes

Right now, on a Subscription product when you update the price, all the Subscriptions that were created with that product do NOT update/change.

If you update a Subscription product price from $100 to $120, all those Subscriptions created at $100 are not updated to $120. You have to manually go to EACH subscription and update the price which is very time consuming when you have hundreds or thousands of subscriptions. There should be a bulk way to update all subscriptions pricing without having to go one-by-one through each active subscription.


Current Status


Last updated: December 27, 2016


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  4. Anatoly Eidelman says:

    This is just horrible to be honest. Saying plugins are available to do it is not an answer, the whole point is to fully be able to manage subscriptions.
    No point in having a plugin for this if I need to buy 4 more to do other things

  5. peter edwards says:

    We using enhancer for WooCommerce subscriptions to charge the updated price on renewal orders but this is confusing for the client since they see a different price on their original subscription in their account than what is charged on the renewal order. We need to be able to update sub prices as and when the product price changes…

  6. infopatchworksukcom says:

    We had to manually change all of ours which was hugely time consuming. Of course there’s a plugin that will do it for you at additional $$$.

    Another issue we are facing is when customers reactivate old subscriptions (prior to price increase), their original pricing remains. We can manually change the pricing, but we can’t monitor old subscriptions being reactivated. So only if we happen across these subscriptions can we do anything about it.

  7. AspiringPlugins says:

    Hi, This feature is possible via our plugin Bulk Updater for WooCommerce Subscriptions. Thanks

  8. ofinlegal says:

    definitely need this!
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  9. nooyoouk says:

    Automatic Price updates should be included in the annual fee for subscriptions, retailers often have to change prices and this should be included in the features.

  10. traderex10 says:

    A bulk edit in susbcriptio is a MUST that it exists in a plugin that is recurring payment

  11. Scott Carter says:

    We recently had to change our subscription pricing and I was shocked to discover that there was no way to do this natively within the Subscription plugin. We looked at a number of options and third-party plugins, but they all seemed risky or really time consuming to learn and test, so we had to update all of our subscriptions manually. It was a huge pain and I really, really think this needs to be addressed within the Subscriptions plugin itself.

    Also, this is the second-highest voted request and it’s been here for years. What’s the point of a feature request system if the requests are just going to be ignored?

  12. scotth74 says:

    Looking to do this alos as an option when updating pricing. Right now I am going to try and just do it thru the API by dong a Get for all subscirbers on that ceratain subscription then dong a PUT to update the pricing I think should work.

    I have a free subsription I am looing to change and hoping if I put a price on it and the user does not put their CC on file that it will then render that person subsription inactive.

  13. heiluftigno says:

    This is essentially in a fast changing world where prices of products change all the time..

  14. cherrymarketingnijkerk says:

    Need this!

  15. admin98e3c8066a says:

    PS: How do you manually change a price? The price of the product does not seem editable in each subscription. Only at product level … but my products are at the right price (not the old one)

  16. admin98e3c8066a says:

    I agree. It’s insane that you can’t do this.

  17. socialreza says:

    i noticed a problem in the enhancer for woocommerce subscriptions plugin and i wanted to report it so that you fix it in the next versions, if we come to use the discounts for woocommerce subscriptions plugin and consider renewal the discount for example 50% for the following years, if we change the price of the product and update the price using the enhancer for woocommerce subscriptions plugin, when creating an renewal order, it does not consider the 50% discount at all and displays the invoice with the original price, in general, enhancer for woocommerce subscriptions plugin does not support discounts for woocommerce subscriptions plugin

  18. thomsterling says:

    Soaring commodity prices, rising social pressures, a switch in strategy, or new features within your offer, there are a ton of reasons to raise your prices, especially when profitability declines.

    While changing the price of your product for future customers is an easy task, doing it for existing customers is a much more delicate task to approach.

    Whether you already have an objective motivation to increase your selling prices or are still considering it, we tackle all the difficult questions in this article. What justifies a change in price for existing subscriptions? How do you change the prices in WooCommerce? How do you introduce it to your customers?

  19. peter edwards says:

    We achieved this with Automate Woo workflows.

  20. avellwscadcom says:

    Cant understand why this absolut common feature is not already included … 🙁

  21. thedeparted says:

    It would be good if the price reduction was a percentage, not a specific value.

  22. Ramk Yeser says:

    It would be great convenient ton all of us.