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WhatsApp Integration

New action: Send – WhatsApp Message

This would require a thirdparty service to deliver the messages. For example Twilio has a beta service for this


Current Status


Last updated: November 28, 2018


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  1. Danny Bling

    This feature seems to be a no brainer at this point Dan Bitzer. Whatsapp needs to keep this feature regulated to verified Businesses to avoid spamming. Features like sending Whatsapp Order notifications & Repeat Purchase link on Whatsapp would be brilliant add-on to Automate Woo.

  2. Christopher Michael

    Would it make more sense instead to further integrate with Twilio, which itself, is integrated with WhatsApp? I feel like, it might be a more stable, easier way to get things like this done. Instead of direct integrations with new apis, try and leverage something like Twilio (more so)

  3. Dan Bitzer

    Thanks Phileap! Right now we’re hard at work on other features but we’ll keep that it in mind.

  4. Phileap

    JPry: i don’t really get why waiting for the last release, it will take a while. App like wpnotif already make it possible! why not automatewoo?

  5. JPry

    Phileap: According to the FAQ, the API is still in a limited public preview:

  6. Phileap

    Dan Bitzer: Hi dan! Any updates for this features ?

  7. John

    +1 for integration with WhatsApp =)

  8. Dan Bitzer

    Yulian Diaz Leon: Thanks for the offer Yulian! I’d still like to wait until the business API is available to all our customers before we start work on this feature.

  9. Yulian Diaz Leon

    Dan Bitzer: Hi dan, I have access to the GA Limited preview … can we talk to see if this can help launch work on this?

  10. Dan Bitzer

    WhatsApp have released a new Business API that is currently in a ‘limited public preview’. I suggest we hold off on this until the API is fully released.