Klarna now available within WooPayments_Q42023

Added by Shubert Koong (Woo marketing) to support the launch of Klarna within WooPayments

Send one-off emails/newsletters to customers

This could also include sending SMS.


Current Status


Last updated: July 3, 2018


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  1. Phillip Wilson

    yes please

  2. Anton Roug

    Woocommerce seems to have abandoned updates to FUE in favor of AW.
    The simple feature of sending emails (and sms) to everyone is the one feature not in AW.
    From my perspective, it doesn’t need to have any formatting capabilities like MailPoet. Most marketing emails today are a series of jpgs. We develop the email in a different tool and then just copy it to FUE and send it out. We do need the substitution feature that FUE and AW already support. The question with AW I haven’t tested is whether the substitution feature can work within a link reference – specifically to replace the URL and image.
    I would rather be on a supported path. I may just decide to do the coding for this with AW myself. To do that, I’m asking for some guidance on how you see AW being augmented to support.
    I have not dived into the code. It seems one of two ways.
    Creating a manual data object that is customer.
    The rule can then match which customers.
    Would be good to add a new tag for customers for different types of newsletters. The customer data object would change the email form to not include the customers email. That should be filled in by AW.
    Creating an entirely different interface (i.e. a new plugin) that links to AW and uses its capabilities. I want one place where customers can opt-in.
    Is there someone in your development team I can work with?

  3. Morehead Speed Works

    Yes, and add triggers for new posts made (like a new post notification / newsletter workflow.

  4. Naomi Spirit-Hawthorne

    Once again at a point where a customer needs an option for mailing people and would love to go to the automatewoo route but cant just because of this one missing feature!

  5. Naomi Spirit-Hawthorne

    Having migrated from "Follow Up Emails" to AutomateWoo I have been delighted at every turn! This is literally the only missing feature for me but it IS a big one. Please don’t make me have to go back there ;-)!!!

  6. Aysegul Vallor

    Sending an email through Automatewoo to the opt-in customers not just customers that have purchased. Hopefully this gets added, thanks!

  7. Muhammad Zulfadhli Abd Rahman

    Hi, Any new on this feature? Would it be available? Thanks

  8. Dan Bitzer

    Luke Abell: We haven’t started yet so there’s no ETA. All I can say is this feature is something we are discussing/planning at the moment.

  9. Luke Abell

    Dan Bitzer I saw this was started- do you guys have an estimated ETA for completion or a beta release? Thanks!

  10. Antonio Lombrano

    +1 Being able to resend an email if the customer has not opened it after x days is a very common use case

  11. Sean

    Need this. Mailchimp is getting expensive 🙂

  12. Shane Gowland

    This would be a fantastic addition. To reiterate what JT said; being able to drop 3rd-party newsletter services (also MailChimp in our case) would save money and there would no longer be a need to keep our two different opt-in lists in sync.

  13. Samuel Maciel

    Yeah, please!!

  14. Hanny Ramzy

    +1 Please!

  15. JT

    For this, it would also be nice to clone any emails sent (let’s call it a campaign), then resend the cloned email to only those people who didn’t click a link in the first email. I use this in MailChimp and it significantly increases sales while also reducing list burn. I would pay $300 for this feature as it would enable me to cancel MailChimp which costs $700 a year.

  16. Rafał Jóśko

    Awesome 🙂

  17. Carly Black