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New Trigger – Inventory Level

Add trigger based on product inventory level that can be set by the customer (or connected to low stock notification setting).


Current Status


Last updated: October 3, 2018


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  1. BLD Admin

    We would like to use this to send an automated email to a customer when their order contains an item on backorder so that details of the delay and any options they may have is sent when the order is placed.

  2. Michael Kamp

    Marked this feature request as Open

  3. Joseph Cole

    Dan I would use this for marketing emails when an item on a customer’s wishlist (I use YITH) is low in stock or when it comes back in stock, so as a waitlist feature!

  4. Jon Brown

    Dan Bitzer: 👍

  5. Gavin Aldrich


    I’m looking for an out of stock subscribe option. that way when new stick is added the customer can be automatically notified.

  6. Andrei Olariu

    It’s possible with this new feature to change stock for products if a order status is activated? For example Woo doesn’t restock products/orders which are canceled or similar status.

  7. Dan Bitzer

    Marked this feature request as Open

    Hi all,

    As this is currently the highest voted idea we’d like to consider it for the next version. We will need some more information about how you expect this to work and what use cases you have.

    Also, I added some thoughts earlier in the thread about how we see it working so if you agree please let us know 🙂

    Many thanks!

  8. Dan Bitzer

    Jon Brown: I looked back at the original support ticket that created this idea and it was for admin notifications. But you’re right the title and description are a little ambiguous. We’ll need some definitely feedback from other voters before developing this feature.

  9. Jon Brown

    Dan Bitzer: I don’t think this request is for _admin_ notifications, which is what the linked feature request on woocommerce_com is. I think this is for _customer_ notifications, at least as I read it (and happens to be awfully close to my waitlist notifications feature request… just saying…)

  10. Dan Bitzer

    My understanding of this request is that people would like to setup admin low stock notifications on a per product basis. Currently WC low stock notification is a global setting.

    If it were possible to combine any rule with this trigger. it would also be possible to setup low stock notifications on per product category.

    Does that sound correct to everyone?

    Other thoughts:

    It also might be beneficial to set a stock range rather than a level. E.g. trigger notification is inventory is between 10-20 and trigger a different notification between 0-10.

    This would be a good pair for a Slack Integration.

  11. Dan Bitzer