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Exclude Subscription Renewals from Conversions

The title explains it all, I think Subscription Renewals shouldn’t count as a conversion. I feel a global setting to allow/disallow them from being counted would be very helpful.



Derek Kelly

Current Status


Last updated: October 29, 2019


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  1. Dan Bitzer

    Marked this feature request as Completed

    This improvement is shipping this week in AutomateWoo 4.8. https://woocommerce.com/posts/automatewoo-4-8/

  2. Derek Kelly

    Dan Bitzer: Sounds Perfect, Thank You!

  3. Dan Bitzer

    Marked this feature request as In Progress

  4. Dan Bitzer

    Derek Kelly: I’m hesitant to add more workflow level settings as it complicates an already complicated interface.

    What I’ve done is excluded all orders that are NOT created via the checkout from conversion tracking. This means automatic subscription renewals, rest API orders and POS orders will be excluded.

    I’ve also added a filter that will let you customize this behavior with custom code. I can create a code snippet for you that excludes all subscription renewals from conversion tracking.

    If we see more customers requesting this ability we may end up adding the option to the plugin itself.

    The changes mentioned will be included in version 4.8.

  5. Derek Kelly

    Dan Bitzer: How about having renewals not counted by default and then having a setting, ‘Enable Renewal Conversions’ on each work flow. Then you could turn on renewal conversions on a workflow by workflow basis.

  6. Dan Bitzer

    Derek Kelly: Like an additional setting from the ‘Enable conversion tracking’ setting on each workflow now?

  7. Derek Kelly

    Thanks Dan Bitzer! That’s a good point. Perhaps its best setup as an option configured within each workflow, but still have a global default setting?

  8. Dan Bitzer

    Marked this feature request as Planned

  9. Dan Bitzer

    Thanks for the suggestion Derek Kelly!

    In the case of automatic subscription renewals, I definitely agree. However, a manual renewal could be a conversion since the renewal may have been prompted by a renewal reminder workflow.