Klarna now available within WooPayments_Q42023

Added by Shubert Koong (Woo marketing) to support the launch of Klarna within WooPayments

Coupon about to expire

Trigger: coupon about to expire within X hours/days

Would be great to trigger some last minute sales + this would make an awesome follow up.


Current Status


Last updated: December 7, 2018


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  1. Danny Bling

    This would be brilliant

  2. Derek Reynolds

    Hi Dan Bitzer! Hope all is well with the team. Just checking in to see if there are any updates on this feature?

  3. Derek Reynolds

    +1 Debra! The ability to send a follow up email with the original (AutomateWoo generated) coupon code, informing customers that their coupon is about to expire would be create a huge bump in coupon-related conversions!

  4. Debra Reed

    For personalized coupons, it would be great if the original coupon code can be added to the email in case it was lost/forgotten.

  5. Dan Bitzer

    Marked this feature request as Planned

  6. Ross Yes

    Absolutely! Create a bit of urgency!