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Admin – Clone/duplicate workflow function


Current Status


Last updated: July 3, 2018


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  1. Jennifer Dickens

    Marc: I am a new user and can’t believe there is no duplicate workflow post feature. Very dissappointing since I have to duplicate so many of these for our products. AW WC you need to add this feature, a no brainer.

  2. Marc

    I’m a new user and just created my first workflow and I’m shocked there is no duplcate/clone function. This is a must add feature!

  3. Dave Kauffman

    I spend hours copying and pasting workflows with small variations that would be saved with a Duplicate option.

  4. Dan Bitzer

    Marked this feature request as Planned

    I believe we need to add this natively to AutomateWoo. In my opinion, the use case for cloning workflows is high enough and the experience with the Duplicate Post plugin is awkward enough.

    When using Duplicate Post, you need to go deep in to settings just to enable it on workflows. Then when you duplicate a workflow, the duplicated workflow essentially disappears because we use custom post statuses for workflows. This means the post ends up in the "Drafts" view which isn’t very obvious.

  5. Timothy Burgin

    Yes please! This would make life so much easier!!

  6. Ross Yes

    Can use this plugin to duplicate the workflows – works like a charm for me: