Klarna now available within WooPayments_Q42023

Added by Shubert Koong (Woo marketing) to support the launch of Klarna within WooPayments

Add Volume condition for Table Rate Shipping

Add “Volume” in Condition drop-down. Products already have all fields needed to calculate volume


Current Status


Last updated: February 22, 2019


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  1. Tim de Jong

    I agree. Size is default WooCommerce, so you should be able to use these fields to calculate the shipping rate.

  2. Jade Koyle

    The table has Row cost, Item cost, lbs cost, % cost. Why not offer volume cost? the volume can already be calculated easily for each product. Adding a volume column would make this plug-in amazing.

  3. ndré

    HI Guys Hope you are well. Not many votes for that very usfull option.
    Hope it’s uin the pipe and thanks a lot in adavnce