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Core Shipping Options


  • Flat Rate Shipping

    Flat Rate Shipping is a shipping method included in WooCommerce that allows you define a standard rate per item, per shipping class, or per order. Flat Rate Shipping works with Product Shipping Classes, adding more power and flexibility. Setup and Configuration To use this method it must be added to a Shipping Zone. Once you’re in the Flat rate […]

  • Free Shipping

    Free shipping is a great way to encourage customers to spend more. For example, offer free shipping on orders over $100. Setup and Configuration To offer the free shipping method it must be added to a Shipping Zone and you can add it to as many Shipping Zones as you like. Here’s how: 1/ Go to: WooCommerce […]

  • Local Pickup

    Local Pickup is a method that allows the customer to pick up the order themselves. Setup and Configuration To use this method it must be added to a Shipping Zone. 1/ Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping. 2/ Select a Shipping Zone, and click the + icon to Add Shipping Method. A modal window will display. 3/ Select Local Pickup from […]

  • Offer Shipping Insurance

    In WooCommerce and its shipping options, there is not a built-in way to offer insurance for goods you are shipping. Include in product price One option is to include the insurance cost in the price of your products. This, however, has the downside that it gives customers the wrong impression on actual cost of a […]

  • Shipping Method API

    WooCommerce has a shipping method API which plugins can use to add their own rates. This article will take you through the steps to creating a new shipping method and interacting with the API. Create a plugin First off, create a regular WordPress/WooCommerce plugin – see  You’ll define your shipping method class in this plugin […]

  • How to handle multiple regions and currencies with WooCommerce

    In a global age, very few store owners only sell to one region, with one language and one currency. There are a number of different things that play a role, and below we’ll discuss several of those. What you want to offer Solution Links Multiple taxes and shipping zones WooCommerce core Download Multiple currencies Currency […]