Learn how to set up, customize, and expand the functionality of your WooCommerce products with our library of documentation and tutorials.
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3. Set Up Products



  • WooCommerce Blocks

    Blocks enable you to create custom store pages, design landing pages for a collection of products, highlight specific products, showcase product categories, enable filters, add a search field, and much more. All without the need to code!  Blocks are included in WooCommerce by default. You can get early access to new blocks before they become […]

  • WooCommerce Customizer – Manage Store Notice, Catalog View and Product Images

    WooCommerce Customizer is part of WordPress > Customize and makes it possible to select options that apply site-wide for Store Notice, Product Catalog and Product Images without touching any code. Where to find WooCommerce Customizer From the WordPress dashboard, go to: Appearance > Customize. In the Customize menu, select WooCommerce: Under WooCommerce are five options: Store […]

  • Product Shipping Classes

    Shipping classes can be used to group products of similar type and used by some shipping methods, such as Flat Rate Shipping, to provide different rates to different classes of product. For example, with shipping classes and Flat Rate Shipping, it’s possible to create different flat rate costs for different product types, like bulky items […]