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Not sure where to start? Check out our Troubleshooting Guide, and then dive into our Troubleshooting 101 guides, below.


  • Troubleshooting 101: Review WooCommerce System Status Report

    What is the System Status Report? The Understanding the WooCommerce System Status Report documentation page goes through the full report and related pages of the System Status. Why check the system status? It is important to know how to check your WooCommerce system status for a number of reasons, the following of which are outlined […]

  • Troubleshooting using Health Check

    The Health Check plugin is useful when troubleshooting problems on your WooCommerce site, particularly those related to plugin and/or theme conflicts. It allows you to do a number of tests in a browser session, without affecting visitors to your live site. However, keep in mind that given a particular combination of plugins, themes, and hosting […]

  • Backing up WordPress Content

    Any store powered by WooCommerce and WordPress has two places where your data and content are stored. One is your wp-content folder, where your themes, plugins, and any uploaded content is located. Second is the database that organizes and stores your products, orders, posts, pages, etc. So with your precious data and content stored in different places, how should you […]

  • Email FAQ

    WooCommerce, and most plugins sending email, send mail by using the wp_mail() function which is a core function of WordPress. In most cases, if email is not being sent/received, then the issue is not with WooCommerce itself, but with the core email function on your web host. Read on for solutions to common issues, however, try installing […]

  • Updating free WooCommerce Plugins

    Updating Free Plugins Our free WooCommerce extensions do not require a subscription to be active to get updates. You may see subscriptions for free extensions on the My Subscriptions page in your WP Admin (WP Admin → WooCommerce → Extensions → My Subscriptions), however they will not have a toggle to activate the subscription. To […]

  • How To CHMOD the cache folder

    In order for the image resizer to be able to show resized images, it needs to have permission to store the resized files in a cache folder. This folder is located in your theme folder for example: wp-content/themes/freshnews/cache/. To allow the image resizer to write to this folder, you have to CHMOD the cache folder. What […]

  • How to Test for Plugin and Theme Conflicts

    What are theme and plugin conflicts? A conflict is an error or malfunction caused by two parts of code giving conflicting signals. For example, plugin A gives the signal to put the order in “Completed” status and plugin B prevents this from happening. Themes and plugins provide additional functionality and features — it also means […]

  • Update PHP and WordPress

    To optimize your WooCommerce store’s performance and security, it should be running the minimum supported versions of PHP and WordPress. This keeps your business running smoothly and creates the best online experience for customers. WooCommerce Minimum Requirements PHP versions less than 7.4+ and MySQL versions less than 5.6 no longer receive active support, many versions […]

  • How To Update WooCommerce

    Updates to WooCommerce, Storefront, WordPress, and your extensions and payment gateways are a fact of life. Our team of developers are hard at work releasing updates that add new features, fix issues, improve security and, in general, make your store better than ever. But how do you update WooCommerce without causing issues? We’ll cover a few of […]

  • Known Conflicts, Issues and Workarounds

    Easy Content Type Disable Taxonomy Archives Fix must be ticked. Otherwise taxonomy archives (product categories) do not show products. Easy PayPal Custom Fields Breaks sessions. Double add to cart issues Check your page source for empty background-image (css) properties, or img and link tags with empty src/href attributes. These can cause pages to load multiple times. Frontpage Category […]