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  • Variables

  • Variables Usage Guide

    Variables are one of the major tools used when creating workflows with AutomateWoo. They are basically ‘merge tags’ and can be used to insert dynamic content into text fields such as the body or subject of an email. For example: use the {{ customer.first_name }} variable to display the customer’s name to personalize an email use {{ order.cross_sells }}  to output rich HTML displaying […]

  • Why advocates must create an account

    Before advocates can refer any friends they must create or sign in to an account on your store. This is for a few reasons: It helps to reduce fraudulent referrals, such as customers referring a different email address they own. It allows the plugin to reward advocates with store credit rather than creating a new coupon […]

  • Winback workflows

  • Wishlist workflows

  • Workflow guides

    Please note that we are currently working on developing more examples and tutorials. Blog posts You can find some great examples of workflows in the tutorials currently listed on our blog: Here are some tutorials from around the web: Examples

  • Workflow Logs

    Each time a workflow runs, a log entry is created. Log entries record the time the workflow was run, the data it operated on, like the customer, order or subscription, and the success or failure or failure of the workflow. Logs Administration Screen Workflow logs are accessible on an administration screen via AutomateWoo > Logs.  On […]

  • WPML

    AutomateWoo has inbuilt support (excluding multiple currencies) for the WPML plugin. Note you will need the WooCommerce Multilingual as well as WPML, together with the String Translation and the Translation Management modules, which are part of the Multilingual CMS package. No configuration is necessary to use AutomateWoo with WPML, but you will need to create workflows […]

  • Follow-Up Emails vs AutomateWoo

    If you’re considering choosing between Follow-up emails and AutomateWoo, below is a comparison between them as well as a breakdown of the various “triggers” and integrations offered by each extension. The key difference is that AutomateWoo is more flexible. AutomateWoo allows you to build workflows that are made up of different combinations of Triggers, Rules […]