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WooCommerce Product Search

The WooCommerce Product Search extension provides an advanced Search Engine and Search Experience for you and your customers. Visit the main documentation page here: WooCommerce Product Search Documentation



  • [woocommerce_product_filter]

    The [woocommerce_product_filter] shortcode renders a live Product Search Filter which customers can use to refine the selection of products shown on a shop page. Use this shortcode to show an input field which updates the products displayed on the same page while the customer types. This shortcode must be used within appropriate context, i.e. where […]

  • [woocommerce_product_search]

    This shortcode displays a live Product Search Field that shows results while the customer types. Use this shortcode to show an input field which displays matching results while the customer types. By default, it displays the product titles, a short description on each entry, the prices of the products and it also shows the corresponding […]

  • Actions

    woocommerce_product_search_deactivate This action is invoked when the plugin is about to be deactivated and before it deletes its own data. It does not imply that its data will be deleted. woocommerce_product_search_indexer_index_start This action is triggered before the search engine’s indexer starts indexing a product. The action provides one argument, the product’s ID. Arguments: $post_id int […]

  • API

    Please refer to the following sections where we provide details on how to debug issues and describe the functions and hooks provided by the WooCommerce Product Search extension’s API. Debugging Constants Functions Actions Filters Events Examples  

  • Assistant

    This built-in Assistant helps you to add live product filter widgets to your shop. It will offer several widgets that it can add to the chosen sidebar. The Assistant will show you which filters are already present in sidebars and it will suggest to add others that have not yet been added. Select a sidebar […]

  • Blocks

    The exclusive blocks provided with the extension make it easy to set up live search and filter features for customers in a matter of minutes. The following tutorial shows how to use blocks as widgets: Page compositions based on blocks can be created easily. The following tutorial shows how to create a new Shop page […]

  • Cache

    The WooCommerce Product Search extension includes a unique high-performance cache system, specifically engineered to support fast and scalable product searches and filtering with WooCommerce. The integrated cache system provides a fast and efficient built-in File Cache, while it also integrates with Redis, Memcached and WordPress’ object cache: The search engine will use the enabled caches […]

  • Constants

    The constants documented here can be defined in your site’s wp-config.php. For constants related to debugging, please refer to Debugging. Disabling Back End and JSON Searches The General settings provide options to power back end and JSON product searches. The settings can be overridden by setting the following constant: define( ‘WPS_EXT_PDS’, false ); While the […]

  • CSS

    These settings are related to the Product Search Field and Product Filters. They affect any of the instances, including those from automatic replacement, widgets, shortcodes and those produced by API functions. The plugin loads a standard stylesheet by default. The stylesheet contains a set of CSS rules that are designed to provide a suitable and […]

  • Customization

    This section of the documentation is aimed at developers who are familiar with WordPress theme customizations and who know their way around HTML and CSS. To a certain extent, you might also want to be familiar with child themes for WooCommerce, the section Set up and use a child theme in the documentation can help […]