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Developer Documentation


  • Product Filter – Attributes

    This section focuses on styling our product attribute filters, which are produced by the Product Filter – Attributes widget, its equivalent [woocommerce_product_filter_attribute] shortcode or the API function. We will be exploring the structural HTML elements and related CSS and learn how to apply customizations that allow to change the appearance of the elements involved. For this […]

  • Product Filter – Categories

    This section of the tutorial focuses more on styling the Product Filter – Categories. We will be exploring how to change the look and feel of the Product Filter – Categories. Though we assume you know your way around with CSS rules, here are some good resources to help refresh your mind on CSS rules and […]

  • Product Filter – Search

    This section focuses on the search filter feature provided by the Product Filter – Search widget, its equivalent [woocommerce_product_filter] shortcode or the corresponding API function. We will be exploring how to change the look and feel of it, and indistinctively refer to the Product Filter – Search whether generated by the widget or any other […]

  • Product Search Field

    The HTML produced for a Product Search Field, its equivalent [woocommerce_product_search] shortcode or the API function is shown below. When you want to review an instance of the Product Search Field, you can observe the according HTML in your browser’s Web Inspector. The field’s code will usually be embedded within a widget container or similar, […]

  • Themes

    Here we provide several examples in the form of child themes – these can be used as-is or adapted. Although we add more of these from time to time, creating them is the responsibility of the web or theme developer and not part of our support for the extension. Theme Customization Customization This section of the […]