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Groups WooCommerce

Use the Groups WooCommerce extension to sell memberships with WooCommerce – A powerful and flexible combination for memberships and content access control. Visit the main documentation page here: Groups WooCommerce Documentation


  • Selling Time-limited Memberships

    Here we are going to take a look at how to set up a membership product which grants a limited membership to the Premium group for 3 months. This is an example display of what we would like our customers to see advertised in the shop … In the second half of the following video, […]

  • Selling Unlimited Memberships

    The most basic case of a membership product is that which once acquired, grants unlimited membership to one or more groups. In this case, we will set up a membership product which grants unlimited membership to the Premium group. This is an example display of what we would like our customers to see advertised in […]

  • Settings

    General Configuration and Defaults Groups WooCommerce offers several general settings that can be adjusted. Go to WooCommerce > Groups to review or adjust the current settings. The default configuration reflects suitable choices for many deployments, but we recommend to review the details on those settings below and make initial adjustments when needed. You might want […]

  • Setup

    To sell memberships with WooCommerce requires the following extensions besides WooCommerce itself: Groups – Groups is free and designed as an efficient, powerful and flexible solution for group-oriented memberships and content access control. Groups WooCommerce – The extension integrates Groups and WooCommerce and allows you to sell memberships in your store. Optionally, if you would […]

  • Shortcodes

    User Group Memberships The [groups_woocommerce_memberships] shortcode renders group membership information for the current user. Each valid membership displays the group, for time-limited memberships, the date and time until the membership is valid is shown, too. You can put this shortcode on any page or also add it to the My Account page as in this example: […]