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5. Shipping



  • Before you start

    Before you can start taking orders for products, it’s important to set up shipping on your WooCommerce store correctly. If you are new to WooCommerce, we recommend taking some time to answer the questions below. The following questions and topics will help you understand what you might need to use in or add to your […]

  • Setting up Shipping Zones

    Selling physical products? You need to ship them! To set up shipping in WooCommerce, you first set up shipping zones, then add methods to those zones, and lastly, rates to your methods. You can create as many zones as you like, and add multiple methods and rates to each zone. Shipping Zones A Shipping Zone […]

  • Product Shipping Classes

    Shipping classes can be used to group products of similar type and used by some shipping methods, such as Flat Rate Shipping, to provide different rates to different classes of product. For example, with shipping classes and Flat Rate Shipping, it’s possible to create different flat rate costs for different product types, like bulky items […]

  • Shipping Calculator, Purchase Shipping Label & Tracking for Customers

    If your business involves customers shipping things to your office or warehouse regularly, the shipping cost and logistics of the process might confuse and overwhelm them. This Shipping Calculator plugin helps to set up an easy to access platform for your customers to calculate the shipping rates based on product weight and dimensions, as well […]

  • Online Shipping Calculators & Debug Mode

    If shipping costs provided by your WooCommerce installation are higher or lower than what you expect, we recommend enabling the debug mode within the shipping plugin settings section that you are using. Once this option is enabled, add a product to cart and in most cases you will see useful information on the cart page […]

  • Understanding Box Packing Calculations

    In some of our premium shipping methods — such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx — the boxes used to ship are automatically calculated based on dimensions of items in the customer’s cart. This page details how shipping calculators work and ways you can ensure proper setup and calculation. Product Dimensions vs. Shipping Dimensions The most important part of […]