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Getting Started


  • Getting Started on the Woo Marketplace

    Merchants and builders come to the official Woo Marketplace for trusted products that enable them to create exactly the store they want. We’re looking to grow our offering with extensions and themes that add real value for anyone building a business with WooCommerce.  The following guidelines will give you insight into the product submission process […]

  • Managing products on the Woo Marketplace

    Developers selling on the Woo Marketplace can edit product pages, access information like usage data and sales, and manage reviews for their products. Managing products Most of the work for managing products can be done from the All Products screen. To get there: This will take you to the product overview, which includes: From there, you […]

  • Writing Product Pages and Marketing Content

    Your product listing on Woo.com plays a critical role in explaining why your product is the right fit and getting a customer to choose to purchase. When creating and editing product listings, take time to think about what customers want to know, what makes your extension stand out, and what information customers need to make […]

  • WooCommerce Voice and Tone

    What we say is influenced by how we say it. Voice and tone are both important, but they’re different. Voice is constant and reflects an identity. Tone changes depending on audience, circumstances, emotion and environment. The WooCommerce voice is uniquely ours and stays the same. Our tone varies. Voice The Woo voice is human, plain speaking, and […]

  • Writing Documentation

    Mission of Docs How a Style Guide Supports Docs Voice and Tone Writing Style Types of Docs We offer two types of documentation — one for all users; one for our developer community with more technical experience. User Developer Writing Docs A general overview to crafting product documentation. Recommended Workflow Organize — Think about your audience, […]

  • WooCommerce Grammar, Punctuation and Capitalization Guide

    Following grammar, punctuation and style guidelines helps keep our presentation consistent. Users have a better experience if they know what to expect and where to find the information they need. Basics Be democratic. Some people read every word. Some scan and search or prefer video. Help everyone. Be focused. Lead with the most important information in sentences, paragraphs, […]

  • WooCommerce Terms Glossary

    The WooCommerce Glossary is a compilation of commonly used terms for quick reference. We use U.S. English and spellings, as part of Automattic, Inc. We follow the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam Webster, with rare exceptions. add-on (adjective and noun) and add on (verb) admin: Refers to person with this user status for a website/store and: Spell […]

  • Docs Template – Extension/Plugin/Add-On

    Name of your extension/add-on (with embedded link to product page) allows your WooCommerce store to ____ . Installation Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded. Install Now and Activate the extension. More information at: Install and […]

  • Docs Template – Payment Gateway (h1)

    Name of your payment gateway (with embedded link to product page) allows your WooCommerce store to accept ____ . Choices or points are bulleted: First Second Third Installation (h2) Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded with Choose […]