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  • Cross Sell workflows

  • Custom Functions

    You can use Custom Function action with any AutomateWoo triggers. Here’s a quick example of how to use a workflow with a Custom Function action to create an abandoned cart log. We recommend adding any custom functions via a child theme. Adding them to the AutomateWoo plugin folder or your parent theme’s functions.php file should […]

  • Custom Rules

    Creating custom rules for AutomateWoo can get complex very quickly, so we provide abstract rule classes for each rule type (string, number, object, select, date) that add helper methods. Basic rule example For the sake of simplicity, the example below doesn’t use one of the abstract classes. Below is a basic example of creating a rule that […]

  • Custom Triggers

    Like most WordPress plugins, AutomateWoo can be extended by other developers to add functionality. AutomateWoo triggers are complex by nature and creating custom triggers is considerably more difficult than creating a custom function which can be easily tied to an action. Using AutomateWoo async events In version 4.8, AutomateWoo optimized it’s async events system which has implications […]

  • Custom Variables

    The following code is an example of how to create a custom AutomateWoo variable. This example looks at a way that you could dynamically display text based on the number of items in an order. E.g. item or items. Example – Custom date variable for meta field In this example by extending the class AutomateWoo\Variable_Abstract_Datetime the […]

  • Customizing your email design

    There are a few different ways you can customize how your AutomateWoo emails look. You might want your emails to match the design of your store, or you might want them to look simple and clean. Solutions include using plugins that let you modify the design with a few clicks. Or, if you’re comfortable with […]

  • Date based rules

    Date based rules are a type of rule available for use in AutomateWoo workflows. These rules are a powerful way to segment your workflows based on the date something happened or will happen. Each date based rule is based on a specific date field such as a customer’s first order paid date or a subscription’s next payment date.  […]

  • Email

  • Encourage a repeat purchase from existing customers with complementary products/services – include a coupon

    Use case Trigger an email to encourage a repeat purchase from existing customer by showing them complementary products/services depending on what they’ve purchased – include a personalized coupon in the email. Prerequisites You have already set up Related Products, Up-Sells and Cross-Sells in WooCommerce. A coupon – before we can construct the workflow, you will […]

  • Encourage a repeat purchase from first time buyers with complementary products/services

    Use case Trigger an email to encourage a repeat purchase from first time buyers by showing them complementary products or services depending on what they’ve already purchased. Prerequisites You have already set up Related Products, Up-Sells and Cross-Sells in WooCommerce. Workflow setup Create a new workflow. Select the Order Completed trigger. Select the Order Is […]