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  • Template files

    Template files contain the markup for the frontend views and HTML emails in Refer A Friend. All of these templates can be customized by overriding one or more files in your theme. Customizing a template is sometimes required if you want to change the text shown on the frontend. Template files can be found within the […]

  • Timing Options

    When using AutomateWoo, you can set your workflow to run at virtually any time! This allows you to target your customers when they are most receptive to your marketing content. The Timing box is located on the right hand side of your workflow page and has four easy-to-use options to choose from. Immediately The first […]

  • Translations

    AutomateWoo is developed in US English but is fully translation ready. The translations that are included in the plugin are listed below. You can contribute to translations in our translations repository on Github but this requires an understanding of using .POT and .PO language files. If your store is in a different language you can […]

  • Triggers

    When creating a workflow, choosing a trigger is one of the first decisions you make. Your workflow will hinge upon which trigger you decide to use, whether it is an abandoned cart or a completed order in your WooCommerce store. Each trigger describes a circumstance which may occur and lets you automate specific responses.

  • Triggers List

    Orders Order Status Changes Order Status Changes – Each Line Item Order Created Order Created – Each Line Item Order Paid Order Paid – Each Line Item Order Processing Order Completed Order Cancelled Order On Hold Order Refunded Order Pending Payment Order Note Added Order Note Added – Each Line Item Order Includes Product from […]

  • Troubleshooting a workflow

    If you’ve created a workflow and it doesn’t seem to be working, this doc aims to help you find the problem! Check the workflow logs The first step is to go to the AutomateWoo > Logs page in the WordPress admin area. It’s handy to use the workflow search filter to only find logs for […]

  • Twilio SMS

  • Understanding the workflow life cycle

    This doc summarizes how workflows work at a technical level by outlining the key stages in the life cycle of a workflow. Understanding this is not required in order to use AutomateWoo but may be helpful while debugging and developing custom features. Life cycle of event based workflow Event based workflows are the most common […]

  • Update renewal schedule from monthly to every two months

    The Update Schedule action from AutomatoWoo can be used to automatically change the renewal schedule for an existing subscription. This is a way to enable automatic subscriptions without actions from your customers. The Update Schedule action is currently not available for WooPayments Subscriptions and requires the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. Prerequisites Update subscription renewal schedule In […]

  • Upgrade or Downgrade Licenses

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: AutomateWoo has moved to the WooCommerce Extensions Store which means product licenses are now managed on Woo.com. If you need help with your Woo.com subscription please refer to the guide on Managing Woo.com subscriptions. AutomateWoo subscription purchased on Woo.com can be upgraded. At the checkout page you will be asked to pay the […]