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Widgets included with WooCommerce

Several widgets come with WooCommerce that help you display products in a multitude of ways in your themes widgetized areas.

Included Widgets

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  • Cart
  • Products list – A list of your store’s products.
  • Products by Rating list – A list of your store’s top-rated products.
  • Recently Viewed Products list – Display a list of a customer’s recently viewed products.

In addition to that, since WordPress 5.8, several WooCommerce blocks can be added in widget areas as well:

  • Featured Product
  • Featured Category
  • Handpicked Products
  • Best Selling Products
  • Top Rated Products
  • Newest Products
  • On Sale Products
  • Products by Category
  • Products by Tag Block
  • Products by Attribute
  • Product Categories List
  • Reviews by Product
  • Reviews by Category
  • All Reviews
  • Product Search
  • Filter by Price
  • Filter by Attribute
  • Filter by Stock
  • Filter by Rating
  • Active Filters
  • Mini Cart


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Depending on your theme and the widget selected, you may see options on where it can be placed. In the example, we’re using the Storefront theme and the Products widget; your options may differ.

Select a location, and then Add Widget.

Highlighted Widgets

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Products list

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With the Products list widget, you can display your products ordered by date, price, sales or randomly. Additionally, you can display products from all of your products, only featured products or only products on sale.

You can set a title for the widget, number of products to show, and reorder them.


  • To show most recent products, use All Products, Order by Date, and Order DESC.
  • To show 10 random featured products, set Number of products to show for 10, then use Featured Products, and then order by Random. 

Transforming legacy widgets into blocks

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Several widgets have been converted into blocks. Blocks provide more customization options for merchants and offer a better user experience to shoppers.

In order to transform existing widgets into blocks, click on the block icon to open the Transform to menu. From the available options, select the equivalent block: