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You can use this report to learn what your customers want in detail. Discover what they can find and what not. Find out whether you sell what your customers need. The information you obtain through this section will help you to reveal what products your visitors are searching for and whether you are actually selling them or not. This can help you to discover opportunities and optimize your store’s offering. Meet current and trending demands based on the data gathered by the Search Engine … based on real needs that your customers express through the searches they make on your site and that the system records for you. This report will show you the exact search queries, how many individual searches have been performed per query, when the query has first been made and when most recently. The report can be narrowed down to a certain word, date range and whether to include all searches, those that have brought back any results or those that have not had any matches. Above the table, you can find several filters that allow you to refine the results that are presented. Click the Filter button to apply them. The Clear link resets the filters. Controls related to words occurring in the queries:
  • Query : Input a word or part of a word to limit the report to matching data.
  • Starts : Use this option if the queries should include those words that match and start with the word indicated in the Query field.
  • Exact : Mark this option if the queries should only include those words that match the word in the Query field as it is.
  • Contains : Select this option if the report should include those queries that contain the word in the Query field.
Controls related to queries that matched products or not:
  • All : Use this to include all search queries in the report, whether they match any products or not.
  • With : Limits the report to include only those queries that matched any products. These queries have brought up matching results when visitors were searching.
  • Without : Limits the report to those queries that did not match any products. These queries have not shown any results when visitors were searching.
You can indicate the start and end dates to limit the queries included in the report. You can use one of them or both, effectively limiting the report to queries made from the specified date, until the specified date or within the chosen date range. The dates indicated are inclusive. The business insights, opportunities and issues that the graph on searches conveys to you as a business owner, are complemented by the more detailed information presented in this report on queries. All this is based on the data that the Search Engine is collecting while your visitors and customers search for products on your site.