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Museum Tickets with Order Barcodes


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Susan is the director of a local museum and wants people to book online to have competitive prices on the market.

  • Museum is closed on Mondays, Christmas and January 1
  • You can book for a day, then come when it’s best for you, there’s not a preferred time
  • Adult price is $ 10 per ticket and children is $ 5
  • Maximum number of people each day is 250
  • On Sunday adults pay half price and children ticket is free
  • You must print your booking receipt as the barcode on it will be needed to verify your ticket (optional, you need WooCommerce Order Barcodes for this)

Products Used

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Setup and Configuration

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Museum Tickets

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  1. Go to: WooCommerce > Products > Add New to create a bookable product for the museum.
  2. Scroll down to Product Data > General tab.
    • Select Bookable Product from the dropdown.
    • Tick the box for Virtual because nothing requires shipment.
    • Tick the box for Has Persons.
    • Set Fixed Blocks of 1 Day for the booking duration.
  3. Go to the Availability tab.
    • Enter Max Bookings per Block and Min/Max Block Bookable as appropriate
    • Enter Range Type and Days/Dates and whether it is bookable. More info at: Create a Bookable Product.
  4. Go to the Costs tab.
    • Enter the Base, Black and Display cost as appropriate
    • Enter the Range Type, Days/Dates and Base/Block cost if using.
  5.  Go to the Persons tab to set different prices, e.g., Adults, children, seniors, members, etc.


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This is optional and requires the use of WooCommerce Order Barcodes. If you have purchased and installed it, be sure to activate it and configure settings at: WooCommerce > Settings > General > Barcodes. More detailed instructions at: WooCommerce Order Barcodes Setup and Configuration.


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This is what the visitors to the website will see:

If also using WooCommerce Order Barcodes, place an order and receive this on the Thank you page:


 Ask customers to print or download this page and bring it with them because the barcode is needed to verify validity of payment.

Questions and Feedback

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