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Deposit Required Booking


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You have a room you would like make available for booking and you would like to collect a 25% deposit during checkout to hold the room.

Products Used

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Setup and Configuration

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Create Product

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We’ll need to first create a Bookable Product.
  1. In the sidebar of your WordPress Admin, click on Products.
  2. Click on the Add New button on the top.
  3. Under Product data select Bookable product.
  4. To the side of the Product data box you will then tick the checkboxes for Virtual.
You’ve created a basic Bookable Product that we can use for our example. Now it’s time to configure the product. There are primarily rour tabs that we are concerned with.

General Tab

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  • Product is Virtual (no need to ship anything).
  • Product Has Persons.
  • Product has Fixed blocks of 1 Day(s).

Availability Tab

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Setting the All dates are… to not-available by default is often the best approach when creating complex availability rules. It’s easier to add what is available, then to add what is and what is not.
  • Product has All dates are… not-available by default.
  • Product has availability configured for Range of days set to Monday to Sunday and Bookable set to Yes.

Persons Tab

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This is where you configure Persons. Enabling person types allows you to specify different prices and set minimum and maximum allowed. For our example we want to charge more for Adults, and we want children to be free, but still counted since the room’s capacity is 5 people.
  • Product has Min persons 1.
  • Product has Max persons 5.
  • Product has Enable persons types checked.
  • Product has three person types. Adult, Young Adult and Child. Each has it’s own price.

Deposits Tab

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WooCommerce Deposits allows you to take a deposit as a percentage, as fixed amount and as a payment plan. For our example, we do not need a payment plan since we will collect the rest when our customer checks in to their room. We are going to choose percentage, but we could easily chose a fixed amount, it just depends on preference.
  • Product has Enable Deposits Yes - deposits are required.
  • Product has Deposit Type Percentage.
  • Product has Deposit Amount 25.
  • Product has Default Deposit Selected Type Pay Deposit. The other options is Pay in full.
Publish the booking and you’re set!

Questions and Feedback

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