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Importing WooCommerce Sample Data

Your store may look empty, right after installing WooCommerce — no products, orders, reviews. This is intentional so you can get started creating your own products and setting up WooCommerce exactly as you need.

But maybe you’d like to see what a store full of sample orders and products looks like. If so, we’ve got some data for you!

Sample data for WooCommerce is located in a file called either sample-products.csv or sample-products.xml, which are located in the WooCommerce plugin folder in woocommerce/sample-data/. You can get it in two ways:

  • Re-download WooCommerce. Open the .zip and find the files in the folder.
  • Get the file from your site via SFTP, etc.

Import Demo Products with the Setup Wizard

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When first setting up WooCommerce, the Setup Wizard takes you through all the necessary steps to set up your store and get it ready to start selling. One of those steps, Personalize your store, includes the option to import some demo products.

To Import demo products it the first step in the "Personlize your store" section of the Setup Wizard.

However, if you already have products in your store, you won’t see this step. Follow the link for more details.

Import via WooCommerce Products

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This is the recommended approach.

From the WordPress Dashboard:

  1. Go to: Products > All Products.
  2. Select Import.
  3. Run Importer. An Import Products screen appears.
  4. Select Choose file and then select the sample-products.csv file you downloaded.
  5. Continue. A Column Mapping screen appears.
  6. Scroll down and Run the Importer.

You now have sample data in WooCommerce to learn from.

Import via WordPress Importer

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From the WordPress Dashboard:

  1. Go to: Tools > Import.
  2. Select WordPress.
  3. Run Importer.
  4. Select Choose file and then select the sample-products.xml file you downloaded.
  5. Upload file and import.
  6. Import our default wooteam author, create a new user, or assign the posts to an existing user. This is your call to make, though we recommend assigning the posts to an existing user.
  7. Tick or untick the box for Download and import file attachments. This imports all sample product images to your site if ticked.
  8. Submit and your sample data is imported.