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Getting Started with Photography

The WooCommerce Photography allows photographers to sell photos beautifully.

You can upload multiple photographs at once, create photo products and add each image in a collection. You also have the ability to sell photos to anyone or only to users who have permissions to access the collection.

First Steps

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  1. Purchase the WooCommerce Photography plugin.
  2. Access the extension download from your WooCommerce Account > Downloads tab.
  3. Follow the Installing and Activating Plugins/Extensions guide if you are not familiar with how to install a plugin.

Once installed and activated, a Photography menu appears in your WordPress Admin.



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Before uploading your photos, make sure that you have properly configured the options on the Photography > Settings page.

WooCommerce Photography settings page

General options

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Image Text Option – Choose the option to use as the image text in the product title.


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Collections Default Visibility – Set the default collections visibility.

Shop Page Visibility – Allow public collections to show up on shop/archive pages.


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Collection Thumbnail and Lightbox size – This is the size customers see when viewing photos in your collection.

How it works

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With Photography you can upload multiple images at once, create an SKU pattern for each image, set a global price for each image you upload (optional) and add the images to a collection.


Collections can be public or restricted and you can configure user access per collection. You can also create new customers and configure collections.


Customers are notified when they are added to new collections, and they can view all collections to which they have access on the My Account page. Customers also have the option to make their collection public/restricted from the account page.


Navigating to the collection page from the My Account page allows the customer to select the quantity of each photo to be added to the cart.



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Photography is fully integrated with Product Add-Ons, which allows you to sell your photographs with options. For example, if you want to include a black/white mat board, a frame or a message written on a photo. With Product Add-Ons, you can optionally charge a fee for options.

Next Steps

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Can I add a watermark to the photos?

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At this moment, our extension doesn’t add any watermark to the photos when uploading them to your store, but you can add it manually before the upload. The photographs are considered physical products, so it’s supposed the customer will receive the photos at home without any watermark.

Questions and Feedback

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Have a question before you buy? Please fill out this pre-sales form.

Already purchased and need some assistance? Get in touch with a Happiness Engineer via the Help Desk.