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Free Shipping

Free shipping is a great way to encourage customers to spend more. For example, offer free shipping on orders over $100.

Please see our Shipping Zones guide and create zones to begin using.

Setup and Configuration

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To offer the free shipping method it must be added to a Shipping Zone and you can add it to as many Shipping Zones as you like. Here’s how:

1/ Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping.

2/ Select a Shipping Zone, Click Edit

3/ Click Add Shipping Method and a modal will display. Select Free Shipping from the dropdown and Add shipping method.

4/ Select Free Shipping in the row you wish to define and select Edit.

5/ This takes you to a different screen to configure the free shipping method for that specific shipping zone.

  • N/A – Not available, Free Shipping is an option for all customers
  • A valid free shipping coupon – A coupon created that enables free shipping
  • A minimum order amount – Free shipping is only available if a minimum amount is spent. Set this amount in the Minimum Order Amount field which will appear if you choose this option.
  • A minimum order amount OR a coupon – Free shipping is available if a minimum amount is spent or the customer has a coupon that offers free shipping (see below: Create Free Shipping Coupons).
  • A minimum order amount AND a coupon – Free shipping is offered only if a minimum amount is spent and the customer has a coupon that offers free shipping.

Coupon Discounts: When to Apply Minimum Order Total

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Since WooCommerce 4.1, you have the option to choose at what point the Minimum Order Total rule is implemented: before or after coupon discounts are applied.

This next example will help to illustrate the difference.

If you have a rule that the minimum order total should be $20, your customer has a product of $25 in the cart, and they also have a coupon that gives $10 off.

  • After discount (Unchecked). In this case, the order amount is $25 – $10 = $15. The customer will not get free shipping according to the minimum order amount rule.
  • Before discount (Checked). In this case, the order amount is $25 and the $10 discount is ignored. The customer will get free shipping according to the minimum order amount rule. The coupon discount will still be applied.

Create Free Shipping Coupons

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1/ Create a coupon.

  • Go to WooCommerce > Coupons.
  • Select Add Coupon.
  • Select Allow Free Shipping.
  • Publish.

More info at: (Coupon Management).

2/ Enable free shipping for coupons.

  • Go to the shipping zone where you added the Free Shipping method in the previous step.
  • Click the Free shipping method
  • Select the option A valid free shipping coupon from the dropdown.

Customers can now use the coupon to get free shipping.

Advanced Options

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Note: We are unable to provide support for customizations under our Support Policy. If you are unfamiliar with code/templates and resolving potential conflicts, contact a WooExpert.

Enabling or Disabling Free Shipping via Hooks

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The free shipping method has an is_available function that can be hooked into:

return apply_filters( 'woocommerce_shipping_' . $this->id . '_is_available', $is_available );

This means you can use add_filter() on woocommerce_shipping_free_shipping_is_available and return true or false.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I set up free shipping for orders over ___ ?

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You need to set up at least one Shipping Zone. More at: Setting up Shipping Zones. Then follow steps above in Setup and Configuration, paying particular attention to #7, selecting A minimum order amount from the dropdown, then enter the amount (e.g., $25 or any amount you wish) in step #8.